Shawn Spears was given a mysterious black glove

Shawn Spears received a special black glove during AEW Dynamite this week. The black glove has a significant meaning, which continues Spears’ path towards becoming “Heartless.”

The Black Glove’s History

Shawn Spears gets a special black glove

Many fans probably did not realize that the black glove’s history is extensive. Shawn Spears being given this glove also means big things for the wrestler in the future.

The black glove’s history spans many wrestling eras. It was worn by men such as Ted DiBiase, Blackjack Mulligan, and Barry Windham.

Shawn Spears receiving the glove during AEW Dynamite is meant to further Spears’ Heartless gimmick. 

Previous Owners Of The Black Glove

The previous owners of the black glove

A number of men wore the black glove as a part of their gimmick. But who were these men and what was their legacy in the world of pro wrestling?

Barry Windham

Barry Windham

One of the biggest links between Shawn Spears current gimmick and a previous owner of the glove can be found in Barry Windham. After all, the black glove was worn by Barry Windham when he turned heel.

Shawn Spears becoming heartless is very much a heel move, so the glove fits that storyline perfectly. Barry Windham also has ties to Blanchard, which makes this gifted black glove even more special!

Barry Windham had a lengthy and successful career, including stints in WCW and WWF. Despite being 59 years old at the moment, he is currently listed as semi-retired.

Blackjack Mulligan

Blackjack Mulligan also wore the iconic glove

Did you know that the black glove was passed down from one generation to the next? That’s right, because Blackjack Mulligan – who also wore the characteristic black glove – was Barry Windham’s father.

Blackjack Mulligan was certainly an iconic heel, characterized by a fingerless black glove and a cowboy hat. On top of that, he also had the iconic Iron Claw submission move.

This is another example of how the black glove signifies a supreme heel turn. And the story of the iconic black gloves continues!

Ted DiBiase

Even the MIllion Dollar Man had the black gloves

While you might remember him best as the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase once sported a black glove. During his career in Mid South Wrestling, he used the black glove for a heel turn.

Faking an injury during a match against Junkyard Dog, DiBiase appeared with a taped up hand and a black glove. However, the glove was loaded and gave him a cheat win against Junkyard Dog. 

From that moment on, DiBiase became the heel we all remember today!

More Black Gloves Wearers

Diesel also wore black gloves

Iconic wrestling stars Diesel and Kane also wore an iconic fingerless glove throughout their career. Interestingly, Diesel sported the black glove mainly during his heel run as WWF Champion.

Then there’s Kane, who wore the black glove on his chokeslam hand. Being one of his most iconic moves, the black glove leaves a massive legacy behind.

So, will Shawn Spears rise to the occasion and do the legacy of the black glove justice. We cannot wait to see what is next for the Heartless AEW wrestler.