FTR reveals how Vince McMahon broke them down in WWE

Since they departed from the WWE, FTR had a few interesting things to say. In fact, they revealed something particularly shameful about the WWE boss.

“You Guys Aren’t Arn And Tully”

Vince McMahon's arn and tully comments

Even though The Revival were one of the most exciting tag teams in WWE, Vince McMahon did not appreciate them. In fact, FTR (formerly known as The Revival) told the world about it in a recent interview.

According to FTR, Vince McMahon told them “you guys aren’t Arn and Tully” after a match against The New Day. While fans and other wrestlers raved about the match, Vince McMahon could not help but point out that they weren’t great.

A comparison with Arn and Tully is great on its own, but it is a whole different matter to imply they are not great. Unfortunately, the WWE shot itself in the foot by releasing a great tag team.

At the time, The Revival believed the comments were a compliment. But as time went on, it was clear that Vince McMahon did not see the men going anywhere in the tag team division.

Suffering Tag Team Division

The Revival did right leaving the WWE when they did

I may have said it already in the past, but it is a good thing that The Revival left the WWE when they did. Before others noticed, they saw the direction the tag team division was heading.

When you look at the current tag team division in the WWE, it is quite underwhelming. Even though WWE has outstanding tag teams such as The New Day and The Usos, the company barely focuses on that division these days. 

The Future For The Revival

The future for the revival?

The future for The Revival looks bright, especially since they left the promotion that held them back. A couple of days ago, the pair admitted they currently have a handshake deal with AEW.

While they haven’t signed a contract with the promotion yet, it is expected that The Revival will do great. After changing their name and implying a feud with The Young Bucks, we cannot wait to see the future for The Revival.

The feud between FTR and The Young Bucks started back in 2016. Recently, they responded to their four-year-long feud.

“You know, we have no professional qualms with them or jealousy towards them, but it did bother us that in 2016, they never came to us and asked us, ‘Hey is it okay that we do this?’ They just out of the blue started saying it,” Harwood stated.

Since the feud between FTR and The Young Bucks is scheduled to continue, the men have to keep some animosity in their statements. Nevertheless, nobody denies that the FTR argument built the brand for both men.

So, the future is looking bright for FTR. Once the feud with The Young Bucks is over, there are loads of things to do with other tag teams. 

AEW needs to focus on its tag team division and by bringing in FTR, they’re making big step toward an amazing division.