Charlotte Flair needs surgery

Even the toughest wrestlers can get injured, this much is proven by WWE’s Charlotte Flair who now needs surgery. In other news, Impact Wrestling released several wrestlers after horrible accusations.

Charlotte Flair Needs Surgery

Charlotte Flair Needs Surgery - Will Be Absent For A Long Time

The backstage attack by Nia Jax on Charlotte Flair served an important purpose. If rumors are true, Charlotte faces surgery in the nearby future.

Out of all superstars to get injured, Charlotte was always the least likely. She never got injured before, but now it seems her injury is severe enough to require surgery. 

Dave Meltzer states that Charlotte will be out of action for a considerable time. In fact, he believes the multiple-time women’s champion might not be back until Summerslam.

“So Charlotte Flair is having surgery that’s the deal as far as why they did what they did. I think she’s going to be back for SummerSlam. I asked a couple of people and nobody knows the time frame. But, she’s definitely having surgery and that’s the storyline was to explain her being gone. But, it’s not 100% either.”

By letting Nia attack Charlotte, it is clear the company played on Nia’s history of injuring superstars. So, while they build Nia, Charlotte will be gone for a bit.

As for Asuka, she was challenged by Sasha Banks on RAW. As of now, WWE is yet to confirm the bout for Extreme Rules.

If Banks wins the titles, then she and Bayley would be in an interesting place. They would hold all the female gold in WWE with a total of four belts between the two.

“Fans Never Get The Chance To Miss Me”

charlotte said that fans never get the chance to miss her

A little while ago, Charlotte mentioned how fans never got the chance to miss her. Obviously, Charlotte commented on how she never got an injury.

Unfortunately, it now seems like Charlotte was tempting fate. As Charlotte Flair is now on the injured list, fans will miss her a lot on the women’s roster.

For SummerSlam, WWE is still hoping to bring back live fans. The problem is COVID-19 cases continue to rise in most of the United States.

Impact Releases Accused Wrestlers

Impact Wrestling Releases Several Accused Wrestlers

Impact Wrestling issued a statement this week. The statement clarifies that the company released several wrestlers as a result of the allegations.

The released wrestlers are Joey Ryan and Dave Crist faced misconduct allegations on social media. Another wrestler, Michael Elgin, was suspended while his allegations of misconduct are under review.

“Impact Wrestling confirms that it has terminated its contracts with Dave Crist and Joey Ryan, effective immediately. In addition, it has suspended Michael Elgin pending further review of allegations of misconduct.”

Several Wrestlers Accused By #SpeakingOut Movement

Gentleman Jack Gallagher was released

Joey Ryan, Dave Crist and Michael Elgin were only a few of the wrestlers accused of misconduct by several women. The levels of misconduct varied from wrestler to wrestler.

Several women accused numerous WWE wrestlers of misconduct too. WWE already released one wrestler due to the accusations, more specifically Jack Gallagher, who ironically used the nickname “Gentleman Jack”.

Gallagher stood accused of sexual misconduct. So, the release of the wrestler seems the support the story from the woman in question. 

The same goes for All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Already, they have sent Jimmy Havoc to rehab and Sammy Guevara is suspended. 

Since his release from WWE, the company removed all traces of the wrestler from its website and the Network. The released Impact wrestlers are likely going to suffer the same fate.

In summary, the wrestling world is a darker place them some might know. Thankfully, people are speaking out about the injustices going on.