WWE Officials Obsessed With Karrion Kross, But For How Long?

WWE obsessed with Karrion Kross

WWE brass’ obsession with Karrion Kross was clear to see on social media this week. Kross and Scarlett made their debut on NXT this week, and the company cannot stop raving about it.

The Debut

Before we continue, let us take a quick look at the debut of Karrion Kross and his real-life girlfriend Scarlett. 

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Karrion Kross and Scarlett’s entrance made a lasting impression on the WWE and NXT Universe for all the right reasons. Their star quality was also noticed by upper WWE management. 

Social Media Goes Insane

Karrion Kross and Scarlett left a lasting impression

As fans went insane for the entrance and performance of Karrion Kross, so did WWE officials. In fact, they could not stop spamming their social media accounts with references to the epic debut.

The WWE has always been quite fond of Kross in the indies, but the entrance certainly got a lot more attention than most debuts on NXT. Consequently, fans believe the company has big plans for Scarlett and Kross in the near future.

Mick Foley Raves About Kross And Scarlett Entrance

The Debut Was Also Noticed By Mick Foley

Even WWE veterans noticed their debut. Mick Foley took to social media to respond to the couple’s epic entrance and performance.


Mick Foley certainly has an eye for talent and working duos. Remember how he put Cesaro and Sheamus together in a tag team? Nobody believed in it at the time, yet they became one of the most popular tag teams around!

Main Event Duo?

The duo could do well on the main roster

I agree with Mick Foley that Kross and Scarlett are main event material, and this has not escaped WWE officials either. However, I am terrified the main roster is more of a curse than a blessing at the moment!

Even though the pair just recently made their debut, they could be called up to the main roster very quickly. The downside to that is the current condition of WWE’s main roster.

While NXT managed to keep going without an audience, it is clear that the main roster is suffering tremendously. While there is enough new talent on there already, the opportunities for that new talent are few and far in between.

According to recent rumors, Vince McMahon is convinced that new superstars are the reason for the dropping viewership ratings on Raw.

However, the recent return of AJ Styles to the Raw brand counters that theory, as the brand pulled in the lowest viewership rate in recent history.

The main roster has zero direction at the moment and I would hate to see another great act ruined by Vince’s treatment of new superstars. I realize they only just made it to the NXT roster, but they would not be the first to be called up quickly.

Hopefully, the duo can carve an amazing and dominant path for themselves on the NXT brand. While they will undoubtedly make it to the main roster, I hope that doesn’t happen until the main roster gets a serious reboot.

Despite my worries, I do need to mention how impressed I was with the debut of Kross and Scarlett. While I have followed both in the indies for a while, the dramatic entrance for NXT was definitely unique.

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