WWE Fights The Revival Over Recently Filed Trademarks

The WWE fights The Revival Over Trademarks

The Revival left the WWE some time ago, but the company is not letting them go easily. In fact, the company now decided to oppose some of The Revival’s recently filed trademarks.

WWE Opposes Three Trademarks From The Revival

The Revival is struggling with their trademarks

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood recently filed for trademarks for their tag team. Since the pair is expected to head over to AEW soon, the opposition could not come at a worse time for them.

Also, in case you missed it, Scott Dawson changed his name to Dax Harwood and Dash Wilder changed his name to Cash Wheeler.

The Revival recently filed trademarks for “No Flips, Just Fists”, “#FTRKO” and “Say Yeah.” Wheeler and Harwood filed for the trademarks in January and February, but the WWE took this long to counter the filings.

Even though The Revival are permanently gone from the WWE, it seems the company refuses to let them go silently. You could argue that the trademarks are the creative property of the tag team. But, it does not take away from the fact that the trademarks were used in the WWE.

Since the company made their intentions clear, they received a 90-day extensions to prepare their opposition. The court should resolve the issue on August 26th.

Not The Only Trademark WWE Opposes!

Cody Rhodes has some trademark issues too

The WWE likes its trademark wars. The company is not just taking on The Revival, they are also taking on AEW.

Cody Rhodes filed a number of trademarks some time ago including “Slamboree” and “The Match Beyond.” The WWE are now going after AEW regarding the trademarks, stating they are the property of WCW.

Like the trademarks from The Revival, the WWE was awarded 90 days to prepare there argument. Interestingly, the WWE did not make a move on the “Cody Rhodes” and “Dusty Rhodes” trademarks yet.

Will The Company Win With Their Company In Disarray?

Harwood and Wheeler

There are significant rumors that Vince McMahon is thinking about selling the company to ESPN, Fox, or even Disney. If these rumors are accurate, then the WWE could be in complete disarray.

Another sign of potential trouble is the fact that one of the major shareholders Kevin Dunne sold a good amount of his shares. 

While the chances of the WWE winning the trademarks argument is usually pretty good, I think the chances are 50-50 at this point. If the company cannot get its act together in the weeks to come, The Revival and Cody Rhodes could win their respective cases.

The developments in the coming weeks should tell us more about the direction the company is heading. It is certainly an interesting time as the power for the most dominant wrestling promotion now seems to weigh in favor of AEW.

The Revolt Controversy

The Revival, now known as The Revolt, are dealing with some problems of their own as well. Their new name “The Revolt” is awfully close to another tag team’s name “Revolt.”

As you can imagine, the indie circuit has been a upset about the new tag team name. Nevertheless, Harwood and Wheeler are trying to keep the name and are expected to take it to All Elite Wrestling in the nearby future.

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