WWE Champion To Be Stripped + Future Drew McIntyre Plans

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The WWE is known to plan its feuds months beforehand most of the time, and this may be the case for Drew McIntyre. In fact, rumors are going around that the company already decided on his next serious challenger. 

In other news, WWE will be addressing the universe about Sami Zayn’s status as Intercontinental Champion.

WWE Champion To Be Stripped

Is bobby lashley the next challenger for the WWE championship?

According to Wrestling Observer Radiothe WWE has some major plans in the works for current champion Drew McIntyre. In fact, if the rumors from Wrestling Observer Radio are correct, Bobby Lashley will be the next challenger for the WWE Championship.

“They really put Lashley over strong and I got the impression from watching it that McIntyre and Lashley is perhaps the next pay-per-view match.”

Bobby Lashley impressed over recent weeks with a new and more aggressive attitude. While it is clear that WWE has big plans for him, there is no real evidence that points towards a feud with McIntyre as of yet.

Baron Corbin Versus Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre will face Baron Corbin

The next championship match takes place next week. During this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntyre challenged Baron Corbin in a brand to brand invitation.

Now, if the rumors are correct, then it means Corbin does not stand a chance to win the title. Instead, Bobby Lashley could be the Scotsman’s first true challenge.

Future Drew McIntyre Plans

WWE to address Sami Zayn's status as intercontinental champion

Sami Zayn’s absence set many tongues wagging this week, as many speculate what the future holds for the Intercontinental Champion. After some oral surgery, the champion decided not to return to work and mentioned that he felt uncomfortable about it all.

According to rumor, Zayn will not be on SmackDown Live for the foreseeable future. Of course, this causes an issue for the Intercontinental Championship he currently holds.

Zayn Likely To Lose His Championship

Sami Zayn might relinquish the title

As the WWE gets ready to address fans about the situation this week, we doubt the news will be positive for Sami Zayn. Many expect him to relinquish the title, cutting his championship reign short.

A Positive Turn By Giving The Championship To Cesaro?

Could Cesaro get the Intercontinental Championship?

While losing the title is undoubtedly devastating for Zayn, the WWE could turn this into a positive. After all, they could crown one of the most popular yet underestimated superstars as the new Intercontinental Champion.

Fans constantly point out that Cesaro should have been a dominant champion years ago. Unfortunately, the company still has to take that advice and crown Cesaro as a champion.

With the suffering ratings, WWE could pull a lot of viewers back by letting Cesaro do this thing. He is one of the best wrestlers on the roster, yet Vince refuses to see the talent he has.

Unfortunately, the WWE is still an industry where the boss needs to like you before you get any serious opportunities. Still, with their suffering ratings, you would think the company would start to listen to fans.

Fans are calling for it, and the title is likely to become available. So, why not make Cesaro the next challenger for the title he very much deserves?