Will Otis Challenge Adam Cole For The NXT Championship?

Is Otis challenging Adam Cole a possibility?

Even though he went in as the underdog, WWE’s Otis ended up with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Of course, this opens up some interesting possibilities, including Otis becoming the new NXT Champion.

Adam Cole Believes Otis Will Cash In On Him

Adam Cole is convinced Otis will cash in on him

Adam Cole appeared on The Bump this week and had an interesting theory about the winner of the Money in the Bank briefcase, Otis. In fact, he is convinced that Otis will cash in the briefcase for his championship.

“I mean look at the records I’ve broken. the people I’ve beaten! So, very much so. I could see someone like Otis maybe deciding to challenge me for my NXT Championship. I think that’d be a giant mistake and I think he would instantly regret that decision, but I’m always ready to go.”

While the theory may seem a little out there for most of us, it would actually make sense. 

Why There Is A High Chance Of An NXT Cash In

Will we see an NXT cash in?

The WWE has been spending a lot more attention on NXT, mainly because the developmental brand is the one that takes on AEW in the ratings.

There have been a few examples of the additional attention on NXT, this includes Charlotte Flair winning the women’s title and Rhea Ripley getting a match at WrestleMania.

After Adam Cole’s statements, I fear it is a bit obvious what Otis will do with the Money in the Bank briefcase. At this point in time, a NXT cash-in is really likely.

On the flipside, is the WWE neglecting the mainstream crowd by focusing so much on NXT? If the NXT cash-in takes place, what will main roster fans think?

Why Otis Will Not Go For McIntyre

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is enjoying a lot of fan support right now, especially since he went from a heel to a cheeky babyface. Since Otis is another babyface, it is unlikely he will use the briefcase against Drew McIntyre.

I don’t see the WWE dethroning McIntyre anytime soon. There are also some rumors that his next major feud will be against Bobby Lashley, which I hope won’t take the title from McIntyre either.

Lashley is being built strongly, so McIntyre is the obvious choice. Unless Lashley gets invited to SmackDown by Braun Strowman, there will be an interesting couple of weeks ahead.

What About Braun Strowman?

Braun Strowman

Strowman could be a possibility for Otis, even though he is still a face character at the moment. However, we have to remember that Roman Reigns was supposed to win the championship.

Still, the WWE seems resigned to keep the title on Strowman, as Bray Wyatt lost his match against Strowman. In other words, I do not see Otis using the briefcase against Braun either.

At the end of the day, there is only one logical and obvious choice when it comes to the destination of the Money in the Bank briefcase and that is the current NXT Champion. 

Will Otis be successful if he cashes in on Adam Cole?

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