Tyson Kidd Angles For In-Ring Return, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Note

Tyson Kidd In-Ring Return

Tyson Kidd had his WWE career end almost five years ago, but he tried to make an in-ring return before being denied. And, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross have some big backstage supporters.

Tyson Kidd Angles For In-Ring Return

June 1 will mark the five year anniversary Tyson Kidd suffered an injury that would cripple most. Instead, Kidd pulled through, but his in-ring career was done. 

Lately, several WWE wrestlers have been getting medical clearance after being told their career was over. Examples can be seen with Daniel Bryan and Edge.

Unfortunately, no such luck for Kidd. Although, Kidd tried to get booked as an entrant in the Royal Rumble.

Kidd was looking to write the final chapter of his career, but it was no okayed by WWE. While speaking with Spencer Love on the ‘Conversations With Love’ podcast, Kidd mentioned his neck is not ready for bumps.

Kidd On Trying To Enter The Royal Rumble

“I did, one time over the past couple of years, look into maybe doing a little something in a Royal Rumble so that could kind of be my last chapter so last time you see me,” said Kidd. “[It] was this little thing, and it didn’t work out and I did get looked at and things are good but things are not at that level in terms of my neck so, and you know what?” 

“I’m at peace with everything now. I haven’t wrestled in five years, almost. June 1st, 2015 was my last match, and I’m at peace with it.” 

“I love what I do now and being a part of working with the talent and right now. At the moment, I’m working with a lot of the women and it’s very, very cool. They’re on a curve and they’re almost playing catch up.”

Details On The Accident

During a RAW dark match, Samoa Joe connected with the muscle buster. Kidd suffered a spinal cord injury and needed 16 staples, four screws and a rod inserted in his neck.

Only 5% of people with the same injury survive. Therefore, Kidd is lucky just to be alive. 

As of June 2017, Kidd now works as a full-time producer for WWE. Also, he has put focus on women’s wrestling.

Kidd is part of the Hart Family, who have a rich history in pro wrestling. His wife, Natalya, has been with WWE for over a decade and is probably a lifer. 

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Note

For a time, there were lots of questions surrounding the health of Alexa Bliss. She suffered several concussions in a short time and there was concern about her safety.

So, when Bliss turned face and partnered with Nikki Cross, many believed it was done to reduce risk. Thirsty For News stated that is not the case and WWE’s top dogs like the duo.

“Alexa and Nikki are liked by Vince [McMahon], Bruce [Prichard], writers and producers as a tag team. They have received praise backstage which is the reason for the continuation of their alliance.”

Currently, the two are in their second run as Women Tag Team Champions. That alone is a piece of WWE history.

Since pairing them together, both have been well featured. The team allowed Bliss to turn face and Cross to finally get attention.

Right now, Bliss & Cross are working a program with The IIconics. There are reports WWE might split The IIconics during the program.

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