Several Major Injuries Suffered During AEW Dynamite This Week

Several major injuries suffered during AEW Dynamite

Several AEW stars got banged up last night. Fenix, Britt Baker, and Matt Jackson had a rough time on AEW Dynamite that could leave them on the bench for a long time. 

Fenix Lands On His Hip After Top Rope Dive

Fenix' nearly suffered hip injury during top rope dive

After defeating Orange Cassidy last night, a fight started outside the ring. Fenix did a twisting senton and landed awkardly when no one caught him. 

He landed hard on the floor on his hip.

The AEW star is scheduled for Double or Nothing this weekend and is expected to appear. However, the fall may affect his performance on Sunday, as it looks like he took a serious hit.

Here you can watch Cassidy and Fenix in the ring leading up to the fall.

[video_player type=”youtube” id=”zJfrlqHH4Ps” playerid=”b4Kcmo16″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”” crediturl=””]

Britt Baker Potentially Suffered Major Knee Injury 

Britt Baker may have suffered a serious knee injury

Britt Baker, who is currently dating WWE star Adam Cole, may have suffered a serious injury during AEW this week. Rumors state the wrestling star hurt her knee during a fatal fourway match.

The injury occurred during Baker’s match with Shida, Statlander, and Nyla Rose. Shide and Statlander powerbombed Nyla Rose into Baker, and inadvertently hit her knee.

Wrestling Observer Radio stated the following:

“they think it’s probably bad, but she has to be checked out.” 

If Baker indeed suffered a serious injury, she might be on the bench for a considerable amount time. Knee injuries require long rehabilitation, so it could not come at a worse time for the wrestling star.

Matt Jackson Suffers Broken Rib

It is not exactly clear when the injury was suffered

Not even the Young Bucks escaped injury this week. Both men have been inactive for several months, but only recently returned to the squared circle.

Many think that the first spot of their match was responsible for the injury. It is believed that Matt suffered a broken rib, which could take him out of action for quite some time.

Like the other wrestlers on our injuries list, The Young Bucks are scheduled for Double or Nothing on Sunday. If Matt’s injury is severe, then we won’t be seeing them compete over the weekend.

The Impact On Double Or Nothing 2020

What will the impact be of these major injuries after AEW Dynamite?

So, what do the rumored injuries mean for Double or Nothing 2020? If each of the superstars is seriously injured, then three matches on the card could be affected.

The first match is the Casino Ladder match. Fenix is one of the wrestlers who’s supposed to be in this match. If his hip is injured and he cannot compete, then another wrestler will have to be added to the match.

There is still one name to be announced for the match, too, which makes things even more complicated!

Britt Baker’s match during Double or Nothing 2020 is against Kris Statlander. If Baker’s not cleared, AEW may have to find an alternative match to put on the card. 

While The Young Bucks were expected to appear, their match still needs to be announced. For now, their potential absence does not have an influence on the card.

We hope the injuries suffered at AEW Dynamite are not too severe and that the respective wrestling stars can recover quickly.

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