Seth Rollins makes controversial statements about the undertaker

WWE’s Monday Night Messiah has no problems with making a controversial statement every now and again. This week, he shocks fans by claiming The Undertaker’s gimmick does not work in today’s world.

Seth Talks About The Undertaker During After The Bell

Seth was interviewed for After The Bell

During Corey Graves’ podcast After The Bell, Seth had some interesting things to say about one of the biggest superstars to ever grace the squared circle with his presence.

While speaking to Corey Graves, Seth said The Undertaker did his character at the right time, and claims it would not work today. He also referred to some “weird exceptions” in the form of Bray Wyatt.

“His character doesn’t work today. There are some weird exceptions, Bray Wyatt comes to mind from an ultra-character perspective who sort of slides by a little bit or gets a pass.”

Not all fans appreciated the statement made by Seth, especially since it points towards The Undertaker not becoming a big star if he were to start his career today.

Fans took to social media to respond to Seth’s After The Bell interview. While some were quite positive, some were less than.

Criticism Or A Genuine Argument?

Is Seth Rollins just misunderstood?

As Roman Reigns famously said in the past, Seth Rollins is often “misunderstood.” And when you look back at his previous interviews, it does show he has a bit of a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth.

I do believe Seth Rollins is misunderstood in this situation. His statements were a compliment, not a dig at one of the most iconic characters in wrestling history.

While I think Mark could pull off his Undertaker character in today’s day and age, everyone is welcome to have their own opinion. 

However, the After The Bell interview did not do The Monday Night Messiah any favors. Hopefully, fans can look past that and see the statements for what they are.

Would The Undertaker Work In Today’s Wrestling World?

I do not think The Undertaker is down to the just his character, but the man behind it. Only Mark Calaway could do this character, and that is the magic of wrestling.

Contrary to Seth, I don’t believe the era matters. Mark portrays the character so well and sends shivers up people’s spines. It’s not just the backstory, long leather jacket, or anything else about his persona. It’s the man behind the character.

I also believe “misunderstood” Seth contradicted his own statement. He said there were a couple of “weird exceptions,” including Bray Wyatt. And, I believe Taker would be such an exception.

The Undertaker’s Retirement

Undertaker: Last Ride

Many believe that Undertaker: The Last Ride started the official retirement of the iconic character. Still, despite this retirement, we can fondly look back at all the amazing moments he provided.

In spite of the retirement, many ask the question: “Is The Undertaker ever really done with wrestling?” Well, this is a valid question that nobody can truly answer.

Whether Taker retires permanently from the WWE or not, his character and work will live on forever. And despite his retirement, maybe there is an interesting backstage role for Mark Calaway?