NXT Wrestler Returns To Impact Wrestling After WWE Release

Purrazzo's new gimmick

A lot of wrestlers lost their job during Black Wednesday, including NXT wrestler Deonna Purrazzo. Fortunately, the NXT wrestler won’t be out of work for long, as she recently appeared on Impact Wrestling.

Deonna Purrazzo Returns To Impact Wrestling

Purrazzo's new gimmick

As you may expect, Purrazzo’s gimmick will be different from the one she had as an NXT wrestler. In fact, Impact Wrestling released a vignette showing Purrazzo’s gimmick as “Virtuosa.”

“To be truly virtuous, I have formulated the perfect equation for success which I implement with precision in unique training that not only lies in technique, but in the movements between, allowing my reactions to not be within the stimulus, but to be within my subconscious knowledge. I am Deonna Purrazzo, The Virtuosa.”

Why Was Virtuosa Released From The WWE?

Why was Virtuosa released from NXT

Deonna Purrazzo was one of the wrestlers released by the WWE when they were cutting expenses during the Coronavirus crisis. Despite being one of the most talented women on the NXT roster, she was released with a slew of other wrestlers.

The WWE has been subjected to lots of criticism by fans and journalists alike, especially as the company reported substantial profits in the wake of the crisis. Evidently, this makes fans believe the releases were unnecessary.

Back To Work In Thirty Days

Deonna Purrazzo signs with Impact Wrestling

Now, you may wonder why Virtuosa managed to start wrestling again so soon after her release. NXT wrestlers are subject to a 3o-day non-compete clause as opposed to the 60-day non-compete clause for main roster wrestlers.

The 30-day clause brings Deonna some benefits, which is a good thing. It enables her to get back to wrestling quickly, building her persona and career further.

Her Issues With WWE

Deonna spoke about her experience in NXT

During an interview with Wrestling IncDeonna revealed some of the issues she had with NXT. Among other things, she claimed the brand’s creative team refused to listen to her ideas.

WWE often acquires talent with the aim of beating the competition to the punch. The company worries about rival brands obtaining talent, so they often obtain talent simply to prevent other brands from using them.

The same applied to Purrazzo, who remained in the background throughout her tenure at NXT. Purrazzo also felt new talent constantly overshadowed her, and that is a real shame.

Hopefully, she will have a better experience at Impact Wrestling. As Virtuosa, a bright future lays in front of her. 

Other Wrestlers Returning To Impact?

EC3 might return to Impact wrestling too

Other wrestlers released during Black Wednesday might return to Impact Wrestling, too. One of these rumored wrestlers is EC3.

EC3 spent a long time at Impact Wrestling and won multiple championships. We would not rule out a return for him there, although there is some talk about AEW.

I am happy to see that wrestlers who got laid off are finding opportunities elsewhere. It also shows that the WWE is no longer the only option to make it big as a professional wrestler.

In conclusion, we wish all wrestlers in question the best of luck and we cannot wait to see them with their chosen promotion soon.

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