Becky Lynch In Marvel Film, Jim Ross Goes Off On Mark Henry Rumor

Becky Lynch Marvel Film

Becky Lynch just landed a spot in an upcoming Marvel film. And, Jim Ross finally squashed an old rumor about Mark Henry.

Becky Lynch In Marvel Film

Becky Lynch’s popularity continues to rise. Now, she is headed for her first major movie.

Kris Tapley from Netflix’s The Call Sheet noted that Lynch will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The particular film was not revealed.

Lynch was confirmed to appear on Showtime’s Billions only days ago. That led to Tapley sending out a tweet, hinting at a big role for the RAW Women’s Champion.

The pat two years have seen Lynch become a breakout star. She won in the main event of WrestleMania 35 and his the highest paid female talent.

At the moment, she has been RAW Women’s Champion for 13 months. In addition, Paul Heyman has been working with her on social media to sell angles.

Jim Ross Goes Off On Mark Henry Rumor

Before WWE, Mark Henry had a promising career in weightlifting. He was known as the World’ Strongest Man and that nickname would follow him into WWE.

After 20 plus years in WWE, Henry eventually retired. Shortly after, he would enter the WWE Hall of Fame for his contributions to the business. 

At first, Henry did not come off well on TV. He had no wrestling experience, but there was potential.

After some time on TV, Henry was sent back to Ohio Vally Wrestling for more training in 2000. During that time, there were reports that Jim Ross wanted Henry to quit.

Well, Ross is finally speaking on that subject and he did not hold back. During Grilling JR, Ross gave his side of the story.

Ross’ Side Of The Story

“That’s wrong right there, that’s wrong,” said Ross. “How the f—? They’re trying to get him to quit; horses— that’s a total cop-out bulls—.”

“Well they’re trying to get him to quit. If you want him to quit you sit his a— at home and you unbook him. You take him off television.” 

“We had no desire whatsoever to try and get Mark Henry to quit. We still saw money in him and eventually, that money panned out. He was just slower to evolve than ideally they wanted.”

“Stuff like that just aggravates the s— outta me because we spent a lot of time on Mark Henry. He needed more fundamental training.” 

“He was brand new. This is not weightlifting as he’ll tell you. If we wanted to get rid of him, then why did we send him to so many different coaches and tutors including Mark Henry going to Calgary and working with Leo Burke and Bret [Hart]? Come on, it makes no sense.”

In the end, Henry would capture the World Heavyweight Championship. Also, he was known for showing crazy feats of strength.

In conclusion, Ross was able to finally put a rumor to rest. And, few can argue Henry did not earn his Hall of Fame spot.

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