Alberto Del Rio Arrested Over Sexual Assault, Threatens Woman’s Child

Del Rio Sexual Assault

Alberto Del Rio Arrested Over Sexual Assault

Alberto Del Rio has been arrested on sexual assault charges. Also, he threatened the woman’s child; causing the former WWE Champion even more legal problems.

Alberto Del Rio, real name Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan, faces serious charges. Yesterday, May 9, he was taken into custody for sexual assault.

The police report claims the former WWE Superstar would attack the woman twice. First, he slapped the woman across the head and then repeated the act.

Then, what follows is even more disturbing as Del Rio continued to mistreat the woman and threatened her son. He told the the woman to put on a dress and dance for him.

If she continued to cry, the report noted that Del Rio said he would “drop [the victim’s son] in the middle of the road somewhere.”

At one point, Del Rio allegedly sexually assaulted the woman.

According to a news report from News 4 San Antonio, TX, the incident took on May 3 at 10 PM. No reason was mentioned what caused the incident.

On May 4, the woman called police and filed a report on Del Rio. The police took pictures of the injuries. 

After posting $5,000 bond, Del Rio was released from custody the same day. Please stay turned for the latest on this developing and disturbing story.

For Del Rio, this not his first issues with the law. Whether he is working WWE, Impact Wrestling or overseas, Del Rio always found trouble.

His relationship with Paige was heavily featured. The two were engaged, but their problems from the start.

The engagement did not last. Paige returned to WWE and now works in a non-wrestling role.

The two were often seen fighting, which led to police getting involved several times. Also, there was speculation of drug and mental abuse.

In conclusion, Del Rio needs help.

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