ACH Regrets Outburst After Release Of WWE T-Shirt

Jordan Myles regrets outburst for racist WWE T-shirt

ACH, formerly known in the WWE as Jordan Myles, was working his way up in NXT a little while ago. However, he abruptly left the company after he deemed the merchandise racist.

Speaking with Ryan Satin from Pro Wrestling Sheetthe wrestler now states he regrets his outburst in the wake of the t-shirt release.

ACH Regrets His Online Outbursts

Jordan Myles lashed out at the WWE, stating racism

Shortly after the problem with his T-shirt arose, ACH took to social media and went after the company for what many believed to be a racist T-shirt design. However, ACH now regrets his outbursts.

During his interview with Satin, he said:

“I was having the time of my life there. I really was. I enjoyed my time there. I really did. But then when they released that shirt, is when I got angry. I made a lot of comments that I’m not gonna take back, because that’s just how I feel. Now, could I have said them a lot better? Absolutely. I said a lot of things out of anger. If I would’ve said those things a little bit more intelligently, and calmly, and came from a real place and not an angry place … I think it would’ve been ok.”

ACH only wrestled a few matches since his release from the WWE. He made it a point to state how embarrassed he was about his statements, a strong hint he considers working for the WWE in the future.

“I know I embarrassed a lot of people. Most importantly, I embarrassed myself too. I’m just not used to this type of negativity. This type of attention. It f*cking sucks, man. Waking up angry for no reason, just mad at the world. And truth be told, it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. I’ll take the blame for this. It’s all my fault. I could have easily just put the phone down. I could have easily deleted my Twitter app like I normally do. I didn’t have to go on there and say all those things, but I chose to go on there and say all those things because I was angry. And I felt like I needed to get a lot of stuff off my chest. That’s just not the place to get stuff off your chest. Social media is just not the place.”

WWE Accused Of Racism In The Past

The New Day

Even though Myles regrets his outbursts, the company encountered racism accusations in the past.

In 2015, Vice called the WWE Network racist, despite the company removing all mentions of Hulk Hogan. In addition to racism, they also cited xenophobia, sexism and homophobia.

Vice stated the use of racial stereotypes throughout the promotion, something none of us can argue with. From Mr. Fuji with his sake ceremony to the Iron Sheik with a camel and Harem, Vice claimed that the company made characters solely on racial stereotypes.

In 2019, The Shadow League accused the company of racism once again. While they cited the incident with Jordan Myles, they also pointed out the lack of male and female black wrestlers who made it to the top of the company.

While there are some exceptions to the rule such as The New Day and Booker T, nobody can argue that the top brass in the company is mostly white.

His Argument Still Stands

Jordan Myles

ACH may regret his original statement, but I stand strongly behind his original statements. When you look back over the previous 30 years, the WWE has done little to improve on diversity and equal opportunities.

From the contract with Saudi Arabia, which excluded female wrestling matches, to the incident with the T-shirt… the number of incidents are almost endless, even in recent times.

Instead of embracing cultural diversity, World Wrestling Entertainment continues mostly with stereotypes and buries many black wrestlers for no reason. So, I ask you, do you think the WWE is racist, or do you think it is an unconscious backstage decision?

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