WWE Gives $18.5 Million To Super PAC, Now Called Essential Service

WWE $18.5 Million PAC

WWE Gives $18.5 Million To Super PAC, Now Called Essential Service

WWE $18.5 Million PAC

Right now, many places around the United States are closed due to the coronavirus. Apparently, that does not include WWE

Recently, they were deemed as essential service by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Therefore, WWE can now hold live shows out of their Performance Center.

The decision has been met with criticism. That only increased after Linda McMahon promised Florida $18.5 million through a Presidential Super PAC.

At a press conference, DeSantis stood his ground. He compared his decision to let WWE operate to Disney, despite them closing their parks.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Statement

“Disney asked for some of the gardening people to go because they have millions of dollars worth of stuff there and it’s just gonna go bad,” said DeSantis. “I said, ‘is there gonna be social distancing?’ They said, ‘yeah they’re just gonna go out there and work themselves.

“Obviously WWE, there’s no crowd and it’s just a very, very small group of people. We just look at it at a case by case basis.” 

“We haven’t had a lot of requests. I think a lot of this will be ‘What do we look like in May with some of this rather than ‘can we do stuff?’ The one thing I support is, I think that we do need to support content especially sports and events.”

“I think people are starved for content, we haven’t had a lot of content since the beginning of March. If people are being told to stay by the house this is something for them to do.” 

WWE’s Relationship With Donald Trump

Despite hosting live shows, fans are still no allowed in attendance. Also, WWE must follow certain guidelines from a permit they received. 

Still, this has not stopped people from expressing their anger. At RAW, the police showed up several times after complaints from concerned citizens.

WWE does have a good relationship with Donald Trump. Do not forget, Trump once shaved Vince McMahon bald at WrestleMania 23.

Although, the timing is questionable. Only one day after the $18.5 million donation, WWE was deemed as essential. 

And, on top of everything, an on air talent tested positive for the coronavirus.

Negative Reaction Pours In