The Top 5 Most Shocking Names Released By WWE Due To COVID-19

5 most shocking names released from the WWE during COVID-19 crisis

The wrestling world is still in shock after the mass firings that took place in the WWE yesterday. Both superstars and backstage staff lost their jobs allegedly due to the impact of COVID-19 on the company.

Unfortunately, a lot of big talent lost their positions in the WWE yesterday.

But which were the 5 most shocking wrestlers to lose their job?

1. Rusev

Rusev was one of the names mentioned during the mass firings

The most shocking release to many people was that of Rusev. Even though Rusev had been in a contract dispute with the WWE, he is one of the biggest superstars to lose his job during this crisis. 

The Bulgarian Brute responded to his release briefly on Twitter. There has been no further news from Rusev since his release.

Rusev was one of the sole superstars to donate some of his own money to help WWE staff that were stuck at home without a job.

Now, he falls into the same category.

2. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

The popular tag team’s release was another big shock to many WWE fans, especially considering their involvement in the OC. Nevertheless, both men were declared released yesterday.

Anderson has not responded to his release yet, while Luke Gallows posted a simple #WatchYourSix on social media. 

There is a general assumption among fans that Gallows and Anderson may return to New Japan wrestling. However, people have also called for AEW to sign The Good Brothers.

3. Heath Slater

Heath Slater

Even though Heath Slater was not used on WWE television as much, he did do a lot of shows for the WWE Network. The man has also been with the WWE for a whopping 16 years, so his release was a real surprise to many.

Heath Slater responded briefly on social media, stating he needs time to process the news. Since he was with the company for 16 years, it is not unusual he needs some time to process what’s happened.

Since Heath Slater is incredibly popular, I have no doubt that he will find another position. There is also a small possibility that Slater returns to the WWE once the COVID-19 crisis is over.

4. Lio Rush

Lio Rush was released during the mass firings

Rush has been quite involved in the cruiserweight division and even won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in 2019. As he is a young and talented wrestler with plenty of storylines ahead of him, his release came as a true shock during the mass firings. 

Lio Rush has been keeping fans informed on social media since his release. He also took some time to promote himself.



The reason for his release may come down to the trouble he kicked up in the company not too long ago. Rush has also been very outspoken about not wanting to wrestle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Aiden English

Aiden English victim to the COVID-19 releases

First, the WWE broke up his popular tag team the Vaudevillains. Next, they forced him into a commentator role.

Things are not getting any better for Aiden English, as the commentator was one of the men released during the WWE’s mass firings.

Today, he took to social media to bring a message of hope.

Aiden English took a moment to mention all the people backstage who lost their job and weren’t mentioned.

We hope all the people who fell victim to the mass firings can find strength in these difficult times.

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