The Revival Make Their Goal Clear After WWE Release

Former WWE Tag Team The Revival Reveal Their Goal

Since their release from the WWE, many fans wonder what The Revival will be doing next. Dax Harwood gave a serious hint as to what may be next for the popular tag team, including a stint at AEW.

The Greatest Tag Team In The World

Dax Harwood took to social media and explained in one simple message what The Revival’s goal currently is. The message also seemed to hint at the pair moving to AEW shortly.

So, The Revival looks towards becoming the greatest tag team on the planet, which is an achievable goal for both men. However, the hashtag at the end of the message sends a stronger hint.

#FTR Means AEW?

The Revival's Iconic #FTR gear

Back when The Revival were Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder in the WWE, they raised their discontent with the WWE numerous times. To show their disapproval, they eventually came out with #FTR on their ring attire.

#FTR has special significance and links to All Elite Wrestling. Back when The Revival was still active in the WWE, The Young Bucks and The Revival had a little friendly feud with one another on social media.

During the feud with The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes blurted out “f*** The Revival” during a ‘Being the Elite’ video. Shortly after the incident, The Revival changed their ring gear, which fueled more speculation about the tag team heading for AEW after their WWE stint.

Now #FTR  has a transformed meaning, more specifically Fear The Revolt. With The Revolt being the tag team’s new name, it will be interesting to see how this situation progresses.

More Signs The Revolt Is Heading To AEW

Is The Revolt heading to AEW?

There are numerous signs that AEW will be the next promotion for The Revolt. Here are some of the most recent incidents that point in that direction.

To file for their new trademarks, The Revolt used a lawyer that is frequently used by AEW as well. While it could be a coincidence, it seems to fuel the speculation that The Revolt is AEW bound.

Another big indicator of The Revolt heading for AEW is some skywriting. During the closing moments of Being The Elite, The Young Bucks noticed some writing in the sky which read: “FTR.” It does not get much clearer than that.

A Bright Future For The Revolt

A bright future should await the former WWE tag team

Let’s be honest, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were not going anywhere in the WWE. Despite being one of the most exciting and gifted tag teams around, the company refused to invest in them long term.

Fortunately for both men, they made the difficult decision to leave the company. On the flipside, it does leave the field completely open for them where tag team competition is concerned.

Tag team competition in the WWE is almost completely dead, even though there are a handful of teams that leave a lasting impression.

If we are right, then The Revolt versus The Young Bucks could become a serious ratings problem for the WWE.

Of course, we can’t wait for a potential feud between The Young Bucks and The Revolt, something we have waited for a couple of years now!

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