Renee Young's Positive COVID

Renee Young’s WWE Heat

WWE had to make some drastic changes to COVID-19. One of them involved how they broadcast their TV content. 

While most of the attention has gone to RAW, SmackDown, NXT and All Elie Wrestling (AEW), there are other shows. Such as WWE Backstage, which features various guest from the current and past. 

Due to virus, the show went a brief hiatus and is do running using social distance. Each cast member and guest take part via teleconferences.

Weeks ago, WWE Backstage host Renee Young was interrupted by her husband, Jon Moxley. He jump into the show for a brief second, causing a good laugh from everyone.

Moxley spoke to PWInsider Elite and said Young got heat for the his spot. Unable to tell if Moxley was joking or serious, but there have been no reports of problems from WWE.

After being made a WWE Champion and being part of the Shield, Moxley left the company. Afterwards, he could no longer use the name Dean Ambrose and would sign with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Moxley signing and debuting for AEW was one of the biggest moments in the promotion’s short history. Also, the move shocked WWE as they thought Moxley would return after taking time off.

Original Plans For Released Wrestler

Sarah Logan

Earlier in the month, WWE made a tough decision. They either released or gave furlough to 40% of their employees. 

The more saw massive cuts and some shocking departures like Kurt Angle and others with decades of loyalty. WWE’s decision was a reaction to COVID-19, which has caused the company lots of money.

While not many female wrestlers from the main roster were not let go, Sarah Logan was let go. She had been on TV frequently is and married to one half of the Viking Raiders.

Therefore, her release did come as somewhat of a shock. Apparently, WWE was in the middle of changing her gimmick.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they discussed an idea that was floating around.

“A segment where she’d be linked up with the Viking Raiders, has been dropped or may take place in the future. But even if she is on Raw next week, that doesn’t mean her firing was rescinded”

The original plan was for Logan to join the Viking Raiders as a stable. On RAW, the grouped seemed to be repacked in a taped segment that showed their softer side.

There is a possibility WWE brings Logan back down the road. Vince McMahon spoke about bringing back people once the virus subsides.

Besides Logan, there are people are looking for Drake Maverick to return. Following his departure, he posted a sad video about his future.

But, as of now, WWE has not rehired anyone. Although, there has been discussions about using recently released until their 90-day non-compete clause ends.