Michael Cole Gets Promotion And More Prominent Position In The WWE

Michael Cole gets promotion and becomes Vice President of Announcing

Ring announcer Michael Cole has been with the WWE for years. Now, he has received a big promotion and is climbing the corporate ladder within the WWE.

Michael Cole Becomes Vice President Of Announcing

Michael Cole becomes vice president of announcing

PWInsider.com reports that Michael Cole has received a promotion to Vice President of Announcing. While the news only came to light recently, it is believed the promotion took place many weeks ago.

But what does the role mean for Michael Cole? Well, it means he will be more active backstage and actually hire, mentor, and produce new announcers that come through the WWE door.

Michael Cole will play an integral part in WWE announcing for years to come. I have no doubt that his experience and knowledge will benefit the company greatly.

Cole Becoming Less Active As An Announcer?

Is Michael Cole becoming less active as an announcer?

A little while ago, it was revealed that Michael Cole would no longer be the most prominent announcer during WWE events. 

It is almost unbelievable when you think that Cole has been with the WWE since 1997. Like most, he worked his way up from backstage interviewer to play-by-play announcer.

A Reaction To Jim Ross’ AEW Position?

Jim Ross is one of the WWE’s most iconic announcers, but he is currently signed with AEW. So, one cannot help but wonder if the recent promotion is a reaction to the position Jim Ross holds at AEW.

Ross is not only a commentator for AEW, he is also a talent relations executive and senior advisor for the company. In other words, Ross plays a big role in the current success of AEW.

Despite his current role in AEW, Ross does still chime in on some events in the WWE.

Most recently, he posted a comment on the match between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair.

Jim Ross also made an appearance in Dark Side of the Ring, where shared his thoughts on Chris Benoit. He also stated that Chris Benoit should never be in the Hall of Fame.

With Michael Cole now playing a bigger role in the WWE backstage, I wonder if that will lead to any big changes. Despite his experience and knowledge, I don’t think there will be any earth-shattering differences, but they may reap the benefits in the long run.

The Future For Michael Cole

The future for Michael Cole

As Michael Cole will be taking on a more prominent role backstage, I would assume that he will become less prominent on our television screens. 

Despite his promotion, I don’t think Michael Cole will move away from Fox just yet. After all, Fox demanded the A-list announce team for their show.

Once things become more stable, I can see Michael Cole moving more towards a backstage role. I’m sure he’ll make some waves once he fully takes up that position. 

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