Mandy Rose helps you keep fit during COVID-19 crisis

A lot of people are gaining weight because they can’t get to their gyms or they just can’t keep away from their refrigerators while on lockdown because of COVID-19. Fortunately, fans can count on Mandy Rose to keep them fit during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fit With Mandy

Fit with Mandy App helps fans get fit

Last year, Mandy Rose released an application called “Fit with Mandy.” While the app enjoyed much mainstream success, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a spanner in the works. 

Due to the pandemic, Mandy needed to make some changes to the workouts she offered. Now, her app includes more workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

She says: 

“Now, in this tough time with everything going on it worked out well because people are home and don’t have access to go to a gym right now.”

Mandy also admitted there’s no way of knowing when things will go back to normal in the WWE. However, she also mentions how she misses the live reaction of the crowd.

“Oh man, honestly – I think that adrenaline rush when you come out and you hear thousands of people cheering your name or booing you, whatever it may be. That crowd interaction – our sport is so based on that, so I’m looking forward to that.”

Her Storyline With Otis

Mandy and Otis Storyline keeps people talking

Mandy had one of the most iconic storylines with Otis this year. During the interview, she revealed just how fun it was to work with him.

“I’d say WrestleMania was definitely a great show, and especially our segment, I really enjoyed it.”

Despite the iconic moment at WrestleMania 36, Mandy admits there was one thing missing – the audience. Aside from that, she adored working with Otis and recalls their time at NXT.

“Otis and I go way back to NXT and we’ve been friends since NXT, so it’s very nice to know the person pretty well. You feel comfortable and I think it comes off more natural on TV as well, which is cool.”

“He’s obviously just so funny. I’m always trying to keep a straight face – and when we’re not working together as well!”

The Future For Mandy And Otis

What does the future hold for Mandy and Otis?

Even though the storyline between Mandy and Otis ended at WrestleMania 36, I don’t believe it is truly the end for that storyline. People simply adore Otis and Mandy together and if the WWE is smart, they will capitalize on that.

At this point in time, it is way too soon to break up Mandy and Otis. In fact, I don’t believe they should break up this iconic duo ever.

Otis and Mandy will be associated with one another for some time to come. But, each of them is bound to move on in their respective division.

Mandy is set to continue in the women’s singles division, while Otis is likely to focus on the tag team division with Heavy Machinery.

It remains to be seen how Otis and Mandy will play a role in each other’s divisions. Still, no matter what happens next, the world will be waiting with baited breath to see what happens with the Mandy and Otis storyline.