Indie Wrestling Companies Kinder To Their Wrestlers Than The WWE

Indie wrestling companies kinder to their wrestlers than WWE

Many large companies have been criticized for their treatment of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic including the WWE. However, NJPW is one of the companies who is being hailed for their support of their employees.

In addition to NJPW, even Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor are kinder to their wrestlers than the WWE.

NJPW Wrestlers Show Their Appreciation During COVID-19 Pandemic

Wrestlers show their appreciation for NJPW

Several NJPW wrestlers took to Twitter to thank their promotion. Contrary to other promotions such as the WWE, NJPW actually supports their wrestlers during the pandemic.

Considered as one of the best indie wrestlers, and known for his online feuds with Seth Rollins, Ospreay took the time to thank his wrestling company.


Well-known wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer also took to social media to acknowledge the efforts of New Japan.

New Japan also published an open letter on April 13th, explaining cancelled events and outlining their plans to protect their staff from COVID-19. You can read the full letter here

In the wrestling world, New Japan has an impeccable reputation. From wrestlers to fans, New Japan is a safe haven for many and continues to perform well in spite of the recent show cancellations.

NJPW showed how the wrestling world should handle the coronavirus pandemic, and it stands in stark contrast with the WWE.

One thing we do know, there will be consequences for the company who treated their wrestlers poorly.

Other Smaller Wrestling Promotions Kinder To Their Staff Than WWE

Ring of Honor continues to pay its wrestlers

Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling are very kind to their wrestlers, too. In fact, Ring of Honor paid its staff their full wage and travel for a show that did not occur.

Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling are smaller promotions than the WWE, yet they still pay their staff during these difficult times.

This stands in stark contrast with WWE, who fired 40% of their staff during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, Ring of Honor and Impact are still coming down from major scandals. But, the treatment of their staff helps to restore their reputation. Nonetheless, they have a long way to go.

Lessons To Be Learned

The WWE paints a grim picture during the COVID pandemic. They prioritized profits for upper management instead of keeping wrestlers employed, and this hit many fans hard.

Many wrestling fans cancelled their subscription to the WWE Network on Black Wednesday in support of the released wrestlers. Now more than ever, fans are likely to turn to other promotions such as AEW and NJPW.

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly showed the ruthless side of Vince McMahon and his company. While we all heard the stories, the recent developments underline the totalitarian environment within the WWE even more.

As fans, we learn a valuable lesson about the WWE right now. Should we continue supporting a brand that treats its wrestlers horribly, or should we support other promotions who don’t put greed in front of their wrestlers’ safety?

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