Drew McIntyre Reflects On Being A Part Of Various Groups

Drew McIntyre reflects on the groups he was in

Drew McIntyre finally fulfilled the prophecy and became the WWE Champion. However, he did not get there immediately. Drew was fired years ago and wrestled with various groups before moving onto singles.

During a recent interview with Lilian Garcia, Drew talked about his time with the various groups and his frustration.

Frustration With Groups

Drew McIntyre talks to Lilian Garcia about the groups he was in

When Drew returned to the WWE, his route did not lead immediately to singles gold. In fact, Drew was a member of several groups before he won the title.

From supporting Shane McMahon to accompanying Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin, Drew did it all.

He reminisced about his past during his interview with Lilian Garcia.

“I want everything to be real and good from a story perspective,” said McIntyre on Chasing Glory when discussing his feud with Seth Rollins. “I was in groups for so long. When I was frustrated, I was like, ‘I keep going from group to group to group.’ Dolph and I, that was cool. Then it was me, Corbin and Lashley for some reason, we called ourselves the Buddies of Bedlam and we’d lose to The Shield all the time. Then I was with Shane, which is cool, because I learned a lot. But it was always groups that I was part of.”

The frustration was clear for Drew McIntyre, but in the same interview he also admits the groups had their purpose. In fact, he believes the groups ensured that he now has access to dozens of new singles feuds.

Money In The Bank Feud With Seth Rollins

Drew McIntyre will face Seth Rollins in a Money in the Bank feud

Speaking of feuds, Money In The Bank is the next challenge for Drew McIntyre. At Money in the Bank, Drew is taking on none other than the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins.

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Interestingly, Drew issued the challenge to Seth Rollins himself. After being stomped several times by Rollins in the past, it looks like Drew is looking for some revenge at Money in the Bank.

Despite the momentum of Drew McIntyre, The Scottish Psychopath won’t have it easy against The Monday Night Messiah. Not only is he one of the most decorated superstars in the WWE, Rollins also has some goons to back him up.

It remains to be seen if Buddy Murphy and The AOP will play a role at Money in the Bank. Even if they do though, I think Drew McIntyre will retain his title. 

The Future For Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has a big future ahead of him

The future for Drew McIntyre looks bright. If he retains the title for the considerable future, the WWE can build him as a dominant champion.

Of course, his road to victory won’t be easy. After all, we are still finding ourselves in the middle of a pandemic with no live audience to show their support for their favorite superstars.

Drew McIntyre is the WWE champion at the worst time, but I think he can come out of it victorious. If he retains the championship and gets good bookings going forward, he could be one of the best champions we have seen in a long time.

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