Chris Hemsworth To Play Hulk Hogan In New Hulkster Biopic

Chris Hemsworth talks about playing Hulk Hogan

Avengers actor Chris Hemsworth is scheduled to play Hulk Hogan in biopic about the WWE superstar. In a recent interview, Hemsworth speaks out about the role that’s in the scripting stage right now.

Hulk Hogan Chose Chris Hemsworth For The Role

The Hulkster chose Hemsworth for his biopic

In 2013, Hulk Hogan was asked who he would like to see portray him in a movie. Hulk named Chris Hemsworth, who he loved after watching the 2011 film “Thor.”

There is a lot to look forward to for Hulk Hogan fans. The biopic covers Hogan’s wrestling career in the 80s as he made his name and climbed to the top of the wrestling industry. It will also delve into his lawsuit against Gawker.

Hemsworth Looking Forward To Hulk Hogan Role

Hemsworth mentioned he looks forward to playing the role

During a recent interview with Screenrant, in the lead-up to the release of his latest film Extraction, Hemsworth mentions how he is looking forward to the role. 

“I’m just fascinated by that world, and I think they’re pretty keen to show a side of the world that people haven’t seen before.”

While Hemsworth is looking forward to the role, he also mentioned that the biopic is still being written. So, while he cannot wait to portray Hulk Hogan, not even Chris Hemsworth knows a lot about the nature of the script.

Netflix has the exclusive life rights to the story and Hogan, real name Terry Gene Bollea, will consult. The biopic on WWE Hall of Famer is being helmed by Joker director Todd Phillips

A Varied Role

Hulk Hogan will be a complicated role to play

Chris Hemsworth is an excellent choice for Hulk Hogan, as he is a complex character to play. After all, Hogan is not just an iconic wrestler, he is one of the WWE’s (then WWF) first crossover stars.

Hulk Hogan headlined countless iconic wrestling matches over the course of his career. Some of his iconic matches included those against Andre The Giant and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Hogan headlined the first three WrestleMania events, and became a major celebrity. 

Aside from his wrestling career, The Hulkster also had numerous “adventures” outside the wrestling ring. Some of these adventures included roles in numerous films including “Rocky III” and “Mr. Nanny.”

Of course, Hulk Hogan is also a controversial figure. The first thing that comes to mind is the large number of court cases.

The most controversial court case is undoubtedly that of Hulk Hogan versus Gawker. Keeping a long story short, Hogan sued Gawker for releasing a rather explicit video featuring him to the world. 

Hulk Hogan versus Gawker fueled the media for years and it is still talked about today. If you want more information about the case, you can read more about it here.

Hulk Hogan And The WWE

The WWE will undoubtedly capitalize on the film

Since Chris Hemsworth will play Hulk Hogan in his next biopic, I have no doubt that the WWE will try to capitalize on that success. While the company avoided working with Hogan for years, I am sure we will see an increase in his appearances when the film releases.

Just like Hogan, World Wrestling Entertainment encountered lots of legal issues lately. Many fans also turned against the promotion after unnecessarily firing numerous wrestlers and other staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

The biopic on Hulk Hogan might be what he needs to counter some of the controversy that plagued his career. So, let’s wait and see what the people in Hollywood deliver.

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