Captain Tom Moore Awarded WWE Championship Belt For Charity Work

Captain Tom Moore receives WWE Championship belt

Those of you who do not live in the United Kingdom may not be familiar with Captain Tom Moore. To ensure you are fully up to speed, here is a quick rundown of who Captain Tom is and why he received a custom WWE title.

Who Is Captain Tom Moore?

Captain Tom Moore raises money for charity during pandemic

Before we elaborate on his birthday gift, here’s Captain Tom Moore’s story.

Tom is a resident of the United Kingdom and a war veteran. He decided to walk laps of his Bedfordshire garden to raise money for charity during the coronavirus crisis.

Of course, there is something remarkable about this story. Captain Tom Moore started his charity walk with the intent of getting some small donations for the National Health Service (NHS) before his 100th birthday.

His remarkable story soon traveled around the world though, and Tom received an incredible number of donations. This amazing veteran raised over £29 million for the NHS before his 100th birthday. He turns 100 on Thursday, April 30.

Tom Moore Awarded Championship From The WWE

War veteran receives championship belt for charity work

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre announced the donation of the WWE Championship belt to the war veteran. To customize his belt, the WWE changed the plates to fit the good Captain.

Being awarded a championship from the WWE is a big honor, as it is not done for everyone. Of course, the good Captain certainly deserves it, as he has inspired the world with his efforts to continue to fight for his country.

McIntyre told Metro:

“I am proud that WWE has created a WWE Championship title for Captain Tom Moore featuring personalized side plates to celebrate his 100th birthday and commemorate his achievements for the NHS. He is a true hero who stepped up when his country called in World War II and who stepped up again today with the same selfless courage and determination to help others. At WWE, our mission is to put smiles on people’s faces around the world. Captain Tom Moore has achieved that by uniting millions across the world in support of his truly outstanding fundraising endeavors. Captain Tom, I look forward to shaking your hand in person someday.”

Interestingly, the war veteran requested that people do not send him any birthday gifts this year, but donate them to charity instead. However, the people of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world showered him with birthday cards.

An Overwhelming Number Of Birthday Cards

The war veteran was overwhelmed with an astronomical number of cards from around the world. In fact, the cards were so plentiful, it filled the Great Hall of the local Bedford School.

The last counting of the birthday cards amounted to a whopping 125,000. However, more cards are still coming in.

In addition to cards, people also sent some homemade gifts including teddy bears made in the image of the Captain.

Hit Single & Inspirational Charity Work

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If walking countless laps of his garden before his 100th birthday was not enough, the good captain also worked alongside Michael Ball to release a charity single. The hit single reached the top of the charts in the United Kingdom in minimal time.

Many people found themselves inspired by Captain Tom’s charity work. In fact, it sprouted countless other actions across the globe. One of the people who was inspired by the good Captain is none other than Formula 1 racer Lando Norris.

Tom’s birthday also made communities in England as well as the rest of the world come together like never before. Care homes were making several projects in celebration of his birthday.

Once again, a happy birthday to this inspirational veteran who filled the hearts of the population with hope and fighting spirit during the pandemic.

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