Scott Steiner Undergoing Heart Surgery, Long Term John Moxley Plans

Scott Steiner Heart Surgery

Scott Steiner Undergoing Heart Surgery

Scott Steiner Heart Surgery

As reported earlier, Scott Steiner collapsed backstage at yesterday’s Impact Wrestling taping from Atlanta, Georgia. He was rushed to the hospital, with Impact Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore and Tommy Dreamer stating that he was okay. 

According to PWInsider, Steiner is in stable condition and will be undergoing heart surgery today. They did not mention what the exact procedure would be or the doctor’s diagnosis. 

Since the news broke, tons of fans and fellow wrestlers have sent prayers out to Steiner. Wrestle Newz wishes him a safe and speedy recovery. Pease continue to check the site for further updates about Steiner. 

Long Term John Moxley Plans

Last week, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) held their first pay per view of 2020 with Revolution. In the main event, Jon Moxley became the second person to hold the AEW World Championship after he defeated Chris Jericho.

Since AEW started, the plan apparently was always for Moxley to take the belt from Jericho. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter went into further details about what AEW has in mind.

“The long-term plan was always for Moxley to be the second champion, and for longevity it makes sense. If the idea is for people like Kenny Omega and/or Adam Page to be champions over the next year or two, from a storyline standpoint.” 

On Wednesday’s episode of AEW: Dynamite, Jericho did not take the loss lightly. Moxley was jumped before his main event tag team match by Jericho’s Inner Circle. He came out and headed to the ring in the closing minutes, but was given another beating. The episode concluded with the Inner Circle standing tall, as they powerbombed Moxley off the stage. So, it is clear that Jericho is not done with Moxley and a rematch could be in the future. 

As for Omega and Page, they retained their AEW Tag Team Championship at Revolution. The company has been teasing a split between the two, with Page as the heel. Page and Jericho fought once to determine the inaugural champion, with “Y2J” scoring the victory. There have been reports that once Page turns heel, he will get the title. As for Omega, he has been vocal about caring more about the promotion’s growth than his position on the roster.