Ricochet talks about returning

Ricochet has not been booked strongly lately. In fact, he was buried by Brock Lesnar at Super ShowDown in a major way. Evidently, this prompted reporters to ask him if he would consider returning to NXT.

Would Ricochet Considering Returning To NXT?

Would Ricochet return to NXT?

During an interview with Good Morning Washington, the interviewer asked if he would consider returning to NXT. Finn Balor, Charlotte and other superstars have made a return, so would he do the same?

“For sure, that’s a place that I would like to always call a home for me. It’s a place that I enjoyed thoroughly while I was being there. Now that they have more exposure, every Wednesday on the USA network I think that’s huge too. So yeah, for sure. Anytime they need a hand for sure I will be there, no problem.”

Ricochet did not state he would prefer the NXT brand over Raw, but he did mention that he would consider returning. Considering the way he is being booked, it might not be the worst idea.

His Match With Brock Lesnar

Ricochet was destroyed by Brock Lesnar at Super ShowDown

Many WWE fans were upset about the way the match went between Brock Lesnar and Ricochet. However, Ricochet had nothing bad to say about the match or Brock Lesnar. He mentioned how he watched Brock in 2002 and 2003, and that the match was a dream come true for him.

The Travelling Schedule Of A WWE Superstar

Ricochet talks about returning to NXT

The WWE travelling schedule is grueling to say the least. Several WWE superstars, including Roman Reigns, are supporting an off-season for wrestlers. During the interview, Ricochet was also asked about the current WWE travel schedule.

“Unlike any of the other major sports, there’s no off-season for us. We are going every weekend of every week and every month, plus Mondays, and Fridays and Wednesdays.”

Ricochet also mentioned how he usually travels with the Street Profits. He also seems to enjoy travelling as a group of friends, which we have no doubt makes the travelling schedule a little easier.

Where His Unusual Moves Come From?

Ricochet talks about returning to NXT

Ricochet is not like any other superstar on the WWE or NXT roster. His unusual moves certainly contribute to that. Many people wonder where those unusual moves come from, and Ricochet gave quite the unusual answer.

“Everything is self-taught. I’ve just been doing this for so long … since I was like 15 years old so…I mean everything it kind of self-taught, kind of trial and error.”

As stated before, Ricochet is not like any superstar out there. It is unfortunate that he isn’t used to his full potential at this point. The nice thing about Ricochet is that he isn’t frustrated or sour about the way things went with Brock. He has a true passion for wrestling that shines through in his answers. Not many wrestlers have that kind of respect, especially if they are on the losing side. It was also noticeable how much Ricochet sold Lesnar. I hope this puts him in favor with Vince and other WWE brass. Hopefully, it leads to better opportunities in the future.