Daniel Bryan Hints At New WWE Wrestling Stable On Social Media

New WWE Wrestling Stable?

Daniel Bryan hints that his current storyline with Drew Gulak could have further repercussions. In fact, he took to social media and hinted at a potential new WWE wrestling stable. So, is there a new WWE wrestling stable in the works already?

Is Drew Gulak Getting His Own Wrestling Stable?

Drew Gulak could get his own wrestling stable

The pay-per-view match between Drew Gulak and Daniel Bryan seemed to be an impromptu match. However, Daniel Bryan hinted on social media that there could be more to it. 

When Daniel beat Drew at the pay-per-view, he admitted that Drew found many of his weaknesses. As a result, he asked Drew to teach him more. The same now happened to Chad Gable, who is taking Drew’s lessons on board. 

With Daniel’s tweet, fans believe that a new wrestling stable under the tutelage of Drew Gulak is in the works. In fact, many fans are on board with the idea.

Is It In the Works, Or An Idea?

Drew Gulak, Chad Gable and Daniel Bryan in new WWE Wrestling Stable?

The storylines going on at the moment seem to point at an actual new stable. We suspect that the stable might go against Sami Zayn’s stable, but this is speculation at this point.

Of course, it would not be the first time that a wrestler puts an idea on social media. So, the wrestling stable might just be an idea of the people involved. If this hasn’t been approved, then it could die a slow death.

Fans Calling For Shorty G Name Change

Chad Gable is just one of the wrestlers who had an unexpected name change, alongside Murphy. Most fans were not to excited about the name change though and believe “Shorty G” should become “Chad Gable” once more.

If a new wrestling stable is being formed, then a name change could be put through without much problems. In fact, I don’t think many fans would mind at this point. 

In all fairness, “Shorty G” is a bit of a ridiculous name for a technical wrestler such as Chad Gable. While there is nothing wrong with taking the humor approach in sports entertainment, the name does reduce his chances of being taken seriously. A simple name change is all that is needed for him to turn things around.

Does The WWE Need Another Wrestling Stable?

Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn and Cesaro in WWE

I don’t see why not, especially on SmackDown. There needs to be a stable that can take on Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro in the nearby future, and a new stable with Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak, and Chad Gable could be just the stable to do it.

While the stable probably won’t be ready for WrestleMania, there is still Summerslam on the horizon. There is also a title involved, as the Intercontinental Championship is held by Sami Zayn at the moment. 

Time will tell if the WWE is indeed planning to start another wrestling stable and put it on SmackDown Live. One thing is certain, the brand needs something special to pull in some more viewers, as SmackDown has been the least interesting of all the brands.

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