Charlotte Flair Hits Back At Social Media Trolls After No Makeup Selfie

Charlotte Flair hits back at bullies

Several female WWE superstars took part in a no makeup photoshoot this week, which was received with lots of positive reactions. Of course, there are always some trolls who love to put other people down. WWE’s Charlotte Flair had to endure lots of negativity over the years, but has now hit back.

Being Called “Ugly,” “Fat,” And “Too Muscular”

Charlotte Flair hits back at bullies

The social media trolls were out in abundance and were slinging hurtful statements at Charlotte. The statements included calling her fat, ugly and too muscular. Some even said she looks like man.

Charlotte hit back to the online trolls with an amazing statement, which we have shared below.

And, for ease of reading:

I have been told I look like a man. I am ugly. I am fat. I am too muscular. I have no ass. I am only successful because of my last name. I look plastic and much more. I am not going to sugarcoat anything. For the first time in 33 years I feel confident, sexy, strong and like a queen in my own skin. Yes, I have good days and bad but insecure people have to make excuses to put others down to feel confident. Please don’t allow the opinions of others to devalue your success. Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking you are better than everyone else, it’s walking into a room and not having to compare yourself. thank you @sophyholland for capturing the #nomakeup photos we are ALL own own superheroes

Unfortunately, this kind of bullying is very common online. It is easy for someone to sit behind a keyboard and judge someone’s looks. When you look at Charlotte’s picture objectively, it’s easy to see that she is an attractive woman. She’s not too muscular or manly. But this does prove an important point. Trolls will find anything they can to keep somebody down, even if the points they use are totally inaccurate.

Social Media Warfare

Peyton Royce

Charlotte Flair is not the first female wrestler that has to deal with negative comments about her appearance. Unfortunately, they do not only deal with social media roles, as even wrestling reporters deem it appropriate to make comments about a wrestler’s appearance.

One of the wrestling reporters who made a rather disgusting statement about a female wrestler is Dave Meltzer. He commented on the fact that Peyton Royce used to look better in NXT, stating she had gained weight on the main roster. Peyton Royce would later hit back, but the statement from Dave Meltzer would cause a lot of outrage among the WWE fanbase.

Unfortunately, wrestlers also used body shaming to fuel their feuds. A little while back, Aleister Black got into a social media argument with Lana. Lana stated how Aleister Black had to hide his insecurities with tattoos, to which Aleister replied Lana’s body was 90% enhanced. Call it feud building, but once again it caused a storm on social media.

Even Becky Lynch Got Body Shamed

Becky Lynch in the WWE

When you think about Becky Lynch, you think about the picture of health. But, this does not mean she doesn’t get body shamed. In fact, she was body shamed by Matt Riddle’s wife Lisa.

On Instagram, Lisa Riddle called Becky Lynch “skinny jiggly fat.” The statement caused a massive uproar and even started an argument on Reddit. Shortly afterwards, Lisa Riddle removed the post.

Dealing With Online Trolls

When you have a presence on social media, you have to have thick skin when it comes to trolls. I generally do not allow negative people on my social media account, at least not the ones who cannot build a constructive argument. If you have been the victim of trolls or cyber bullying, there is help available. If you are being cyber bullied, it can be reported to local law enforcement. You can also contact the STOMP Out Bullying chat.

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