3 Names CM Punk Wants To Fight, AEW: Dynamite Coronavirus Plans

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3 Names CM Punk Wants To Fight

Would CM Punk Fight

Since basically the day he left the WWE, fans have cheered for CM Punk. Wrestling fans around the world have been hoping and praying and cheering for a Punk return to the ring.

Now, with WrestleMania just a couple weeks away, the card is shaping up-assuming we even have a WrestleMania. As of this writing, WWE plans to hold the event live, in front of essential personnel, in the company’s very own, Orlando based Performance Center. CM Punk will not be on the card…but the former Superstar spoke out about his desired opponents, if such an opportunity comes up.

When Punk was a guest on a recent radio show, he was asked: who would you come back to wrestle? The Chicago native offered up three rather interesting names he’d be interested in wrestling: John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Daniel Bryan.

It is certainly an interesting trio. Of the three, I’d think the Punk-Bryan option might do the best in terms of fan interest. More curious, however, was the lack of the emerging, next generation of Superstars. No mention of a match with Seth Rollins, for example. Also, it would seem that Punk had no desire to revisit former feuds with Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker.

AEW: Dynamite Coronavirus Plans

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In case you haven’t been paying attention…it’s been a rather insane last couple weeks. Peoples lives have been turned upside down all over the place. Thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen closures on a scale we’ve never before seen.

Professional wrestling  was hit hard by the new way of life as well. As sports leagues cancelled events last week, WWE resisted a full shutdown. Instead, we have seen both SmackDown and RAW take place in front of no crowd, and with mixed results. WWE has similar plans in place for this year”s WrestleMania 36, too. That major event was also moved to the Performance Center-assuming it isn’t further altered.

WWE is not alone in cancelling or altering shows in a significant way.

All Elite Wrestling has finally announced their plans for holding Dynamite episodes. While WWE has the luxury of hosting events at it’s own facility, AEW does not. Even without their own building, the young promotion is indeed going to run shows in select locales, without a single fan permitted.

We can debate the decision all day, but this one makes a lot of sense. With so many leagues cancelling or postponing, it was the right thing to do.

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