WWE Superstars Reach Out to Support Bullied Boy Who Has Dwarfism

WWE supports bullied boy

The mother of a nine-year-old boy recently released a video about the effects of bullying on her son. Her son, Quaden Bayles, has a form of dwarfism and is being bullied relentlessly. Celebrities and several WWE superstars picked up on the story and send their support.


WWE Supports Bullied Boy – Paige And Kayla Braxton Send Their Love To Quaden Bayles

WWE supports bullied boy

Kayla Braxton and Paige have been the most outspoken members of the WWE on this situation. It is not unusual that Paige is so outspoken about this, especially since she’s had to deal with lots of bullying herself.

In her many messages to raise awareness for Quaden, Paige has invited him to WrestleMania as her guest. Kayla is also trying to get the boy to a wrestling show.


One fan corrected Paige that Disneyland is California, to which she would later respond she would pay for the flights to Tampa. You can forgive the mistake though, as DisneyWorld is indeed in Orlando.

In addition to Paige, WWE’s Natalya also has some brilliant ideas for Quaden, and is more than ready to spoil him. We know Natalya can go a little overboard, but in this case it’s a brilliant idea.

Other Celebrity Support

The movement got started when comedian Brad Williams, who suffers from dwarfism himself, created a Go-Fund Me Page to send Quaden and his family to Disneyland. Since the boy lives in Australia, Williams set the goal amount to $10,000. But, more than $200,000 has been raised.

In addition to Brad Williams, another big celebrity has responded to Quaden’s bullying story. World famous actor Hugh Jackman left a message for Quaden on his Twitter account. It was really heartfelt, but also increased the awareness about Quaden’s bullying problem dramatically.

Mark Hamill also responded to the story. If the name does not sound familiar, his biggest role might! Hamill played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films and has received the Saturn Award for this role three times.

Quaden also got a message from Jon Bernthal, the actor who had major roles in Punisher and Walking Dead.

Reactions From Other Bullied Kids

Even though there is a huge celebrity response to this story, the thing that really broke me were the reactions from other children who have been bullied. Several children have responded with their own bullying stories and provided some tips to Quaden. Others have asked Quaden to get in touch and even to become pen pals. So, even though he may have issues at school, the world wants nothing more than to become Quaden’s friend.

Bullying is and remains a big problem. It does not limit itself to schools either, as even adults experience bullying in the workplace. When you witness bullying yourself, do not stand idly by. People need to know that bullying is not okay. It is not cool to bully, it is much cooler to be a kind and lovely person.

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