Is The WWE Repackaging The IIconics For A Return To The Ring?

WWE repackaging the IIconics

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce have been conspicuously absent from television, despite the fact they are the only legitimate tag team on the main roster. While it does not bode well for the Australian wrestlers, there may be some good news. Rumors are floating that Peyton and Billie could be repackaged by the company. In other words, we may be seeing a lot more of them in the future.

Huge Social Media Following

WWE repackaging the IIconics

Even though we have not heard from The IIconics for some time, the women have done their best to stay relevant. This is especially the case for Peyton Royce, who has everyone talking this week because of a topless photograph on social media. While it may not be in line with the WWE’s PG policy, the additional attention could benefit her nonetheless.


The sad – but in this case fortunate – reality of wrestling is that beauty can pay off. Just look at Eva Marie back in the day. Even though she wasn’t the best wrestler, her beauty saw her on the main roster and she received quite a bit of attention. Of course, the difference with this situation is that Peyton does have more wrestling acumen and should have received better opportunities alongside her tag team partner Billie Kay.

Royce, who is married to AEW superstar and former WWE superstar Tye Dillinger (Shawn Spears), released other beauty photographs on her Instagram profile. Since it has caught our attention, we are sure it will have caught the attention of WWE management as well.

Does WWE Repackaging The IIconics Mean Singles Competition?

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay

One of my biggest worries is that the company could break up the tag team. After all, there have been rumors about the WWE wanting to break up the tag team since last year. If they have a repackage in mind, then it could lead to Peyton Royce being focused on in singles competition.

Repackaging As Tag Team or Singles?

Whether WWE management wants to see it or not, The IIconics gimmick worked. Unfortunately, they never did anything substantial with it. While Peyton and Billie did win the tag team titles at WrestleMania, they quickly disappeared into the mix. You do have to wonder why, especially since they are the only two people who were a genuine tag team at the time. In short, I don’t really know why they would change a gimmick that already worked.

On the flipside, they could keep The IIconics together. They were set for a big push in the past, but it just never happened. Keeping them together would be the best move, especially for the women’s tag team division. While they would require a little rebuilding to make them serious competitors in the division, they are already familiar with one another. As a tag team, I don’t see two women who could do better at this point in time.

In conclusion, if the repackaging does happen, we hope it is for both women. It would be a real shame to break this team up, so we are quite curious what this repackaging could entail.

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