WWE Edge's Best Moments

Edge is one of the most decorated WWE Champions in history. If you saw Edge for the first time at the Royal Rumble, there is much to catch up on. So, let us celebrate his return with Edge’s best historical moments.

Our Favorite Of Edge’s Best Moments – The Royal Rumble Return

Edge's Best Moments - Royal Rumble Return

While there are hundreds of memorable moments to choose from, our favorite has got to be his Royal Rumble return. Edge was forced to retire years ago because of a serious neck injury. He made a miraculous return recently and his face spoke volumes about how excited he is to be in the ring again. No championship win or match could beat that in our book.

Edge Cashes In His Money in the Bank Briefcase on John Cena

Edge memorable moments - Money in the Bank

When it comes to one of Edge’s most memorable career moments, his Money in the Bank cash-in on John Cena ranks high up there. The cash-in came after Cena defended his championship successfully at Elimination Chamber. However, the opportunistic Rated R Superstar would come out and pin the champion. It was one of the most defining championship moments for this highly decorated superstar.

Hardcore Moment

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There is a reason why Edge was forced to retire, because he was not exactly known for easy-going matches. Like the Hardy Boyz, he and Christian had a reputation for putting their bodies on the line like nobody else.

One of the most hardcore moments took place at WrestleMania 32. Long story short, Mick Foley received a spear from the Rated R superstar and went through a table that was on fire. It was more than just a hardcore moment though, as the story that went with it was outstanding, too.

Hall Of Fame Induction In 2012

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When the Rated R Superstar was forced to retire in 2011, it only took a year for him to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. He was inducted among other wrestling greats, including Yokozuna and the Four Horsemen.

The Face Of SmackDown

Edge, the face of SmackDown

Edge was the face of SmackDown for the longest time, so many were surprised he was assigned to Raw upon his return. When he was an active wrestler, he became so good as the face of SmackDown, he was eventually rewarded with the main event at WrestleMania 24.

Of course, the main event would not go that wonderfully for Edge, as he was dethroned by The Undertaker. That being said, Taker did not have the easiest time, as he had to deal with interference from Zack Ryder and Kurt Hawkins. Nevertheless, Taker captured the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

Even though Edge lost that match, Wrestlemania 24 undoubtedly put him at the top with the elite of the wrestling universe. So, was it really a loss after all?

Looking Toward The Future

WWE matches for Edge

With Edge back in the ring, we have no doubt there will be loads of fun moments in the nearby future. With countless new opponents since his retirement, he could not have picked a better time to return.