Wrestling Valentine’s Day Celebrations – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wrestling Valentine's Day Celebrations with Otis

Valentine’s Day is here! Of course, this special day would not be complete without a selection of wrestling Valentine’s Day celebrations. If you are a proud member of the WWE Universe and love the Valentine’s Day posts of your favorite stars, be sure to check out our special feature today!

You could even bright up your loved one’s day with one of the WWE Valentine’s Day cards that have been released this week!

The WWE’s “It” Family Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Wrestling Valentine's Day Celebrations with The Miz and Maryse

Mike The Miz and his lovely wife Maryse are celebrating Valentine’s Day apart this year. The Miz is flying to Vancouver to face The New Day in a tag team match, but he still found the time to send his wife and his two beautiful daughters a lovely message on social media. For that, we think The Miz is AWESOME!


If your weekly dose of the Miz is not enough on SmackDown, no need to worry! A new season of Miz and Mrs is running, so you can enjoy the “IT” family a little longer. The Miz has plenty of characteristic silly moments, while George Mizanin – The Miz’ dad – also makes appearances throughout. It’s worth a watch, believe me!

Wrestling Valentine’s Day Celebrations With Mandy Rose And Otis

Mandy Rose and Otis celebrate Valentine's Day this Friday

Even though Otis and Mandy Rose are not a couple in real life, fans have loved the romance storyline between them. On social media, Mandy Rose sent a message to Otis stating she was getting ready for Valentine’s Day. Otis would respond to Mandy Rose in his usual hilarious manner. We can’t wait to see what Mandy Rose and Otis have in store for us this evening.

The “Wrestlings” Candice and Johnny Gargano Wish Everyone A Happy Valentine’s Day


Johnny Wrestling a.k.a. Johnny Gargano and his wife Candice LeRae have sent their Valentine’s wishes out to the WWE universe. Valentine’s is not the only special day facing Johnny Gargano this week, as he is embroiled in a feud with Finn Balor. Johnny Gargano will be facing Finn during the NXT TakeOver, which takes place this weekend.

Here’s a peek at what Gargano has to say about meeting Balor in the ring:

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Natalya Celebrates Valentine’s With A Column For Her Husband TJ

As you may have come to expect from Natalya, she celebrated Valentine’s by posting on social media. She also wrote a column in the Calgary Sun, which was  dedicated to her husband TJ Wilson. Here’s an excerpt of the article:

“He was like a magician in the way that he could make everything look so easy and flawless, despite it actually being very difficult.  Learning to wrestle with TJ was equivalent to driving a Ferrari and I quickly learned that he was the best. The days of driving broken down Cadillacs were behind me as TJ made learning the ropes incredibly fun.  In addition, the way he helped me in the ring really boosted my confidence, as I became a better person because of him. TJ undoubtedly helped me fall in love with wrestling, which in many ways made me really fall for him. No matter how hard things get, he always has a way of teaching me about patience, work ethic and perseverance. When everything is going great in my life, TJ reminds me to stop and appreciate every little thing.”

Lovely words from Natalya indeed. The couple have been together for many years, so it is no surprise she used a couple of throwback photos on social media recently. For Valentine’s Day, she posted the following:

Nikki & Artem

WWE's Nikki Bella and ARtem

Even though Nikki has not been wrestling for a while, she is definitely a future Hall of Famer. As she is currently expecting her first child with fiancé Artem, we weren’t surprised to see a lovely social media message posted online!


Alexa Bliss States The Obvious


One of the more understated messages in the overview is that from Alexa Bliss. The WWE superstar is rumored to be dating Ryan Cabrera at the moment, but they don’t seem to be very public about their relationship. Before Ryan Cabrera, the WWE superstar was dating Buddy Murphy. The pair were even engaged, but their relationship dissolved last year. Since then, Alexa has been quite private about her personal life.

On the flipside, Alexa got some great news recently, as the band Bowling for Soup has written a song about her and for her. The WWE superstar was even featured in the music video. While this was originally a birthday present for The Goddess, it makes a wonderful Valentine’s present too.

Dolph Ziggler Loves Valentine’s Day

Dolph ziggler

Even though he has not been in a long-term relationship since Nikki Bella, at least not that we know about… Dolph seems to be loving Valentine’s Day. With a series of funny posts, and even some heel ones, Dolph made sure his fans are having a splendid and heelful Valentine’s.

Chelsea Green And Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder and Chelsea Green

After his relationship with WWE superstar Emma hit the rocks, Zack Ryder found love again with NXT superstar Chelsea Green. While they are not on the same roster at the moment, their love seems to be going strong. Chelsea also posted a funny message for Valentine’s Day on social media.

Zack Ryder also received a Valentine’s Day message from the WWE Network, although it was not nearly as nice as some of the heartfelt messages we have listed today.

A Happy Valentine’s Day From Ringside Intel!

Here at Ringside Intel, we would like to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you are spending your Valentine’s alone watching your favorite wrestling matches or with someone else, we hope our Valentine’s post brought you some joy. If you could use some more today, the WWE have released some amazing Valentine’s Day cards too!

Valentine's Day undisputed era

Alone on Valentine’s Day? No worries, because you can spend it with The Undisputed Era! We especially suggest the War Games matches if you find yourself in need of entertainment!

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