Samoa Joe Injured Again, Will Vader Finally Make WWE Hall Of Fame?

Samoa Joe Injured Again

Samoa Joe Injured Yet Again?

Samoa Joe Injured Again

Sometimes, athletes just seem to be snake-bit. In professional sports, certain athletes earn themselves the unfortunate title of “injury prone”. It seems that Samoa Joe may be working his way into that designation, as word is he has suffered yet another injury.

It was not all that long ago that Joe was out with a thumb injury. During that hiatus, WWE had the need and the smarts to put Joe on the announce desk. He was great on commentary. That spot allowed him to then be attacked by Seth Rollins and his new cronies, leading to his current program.

However, a few weeks back WWE medical pulled Samoa Joe in the midst of a match on RAW. During the bout, Joe went for a suicide dive to the floor and landed awkwardly on his head. It appeared then that he suffered a concussion…but that is NOT the injury that lands him here today.

What happened?

Apparently, Samoa Joe was injured taking a table bump for a television spot that he was filming for WWE.

On one hand, it’s rotten luck for Joe, considering he is in one of the prime programs in WWE right now. It’s also terrible luck because he just cannot seem to stay healthy. Lastly, how insanely stupid is it for WWE to have Superstars taking table bumps for commercials? Especially top talent like Joe? It seems ill-advised, even before the injury.

According to reports, he could be out of action for a while. If so, one can hope that perhaps Joe would at least be cleared to travel, and thus allowed to join the commentary team yet again.

Will Vader Finally Make The WWE Hall Of Fame?

Former WWE and WCW Superstar Vader passed away in 2018. While he was in failing health, and since he passed, plenty of people have championed his case for a WWE Hall of Fame induction. It was sad that the legendary big man did not get to go in before his passing, as he expressed a desire to be recognized prior to his death.

His son has continued to push for the honor since his passing. Former rival Mick Foley has been championing the cause as well, but unfortunately, the signs do not point to a 2020 inclusion.

Per the Wrestling Observer, there is currently no buzz for a Vader induction in 2020. Of all the names that have been announced or leaked/rumored, Vader’s name has not been among them.

At this point, there is no indication of any beef between McMahon and Vader that would cause the former WCW Champion to be kept out. Odds are such an accomplished big man will eventually be inducted…it’s just a question of when at this point.

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