Rusev In Contract Dispute With The WWE – Blocked From TV?

Rusev In Contract Dispute

Now that some time has passed, we have been wondering what happened to Rusev. After all, The Bulgarian Brute has not been seen on television for a little while. The reason may have been revealed today. News has reached us that Rusev is having a contract dispute with the WWE.

Last Appearance on WWE RAW

Rusev in contract dispute with WWE

The last time we saw Rusev is when he and Liv Morgan suffered a defeat at the hands of Bobby Lashley and Lana. Since the feud is far from over, many fans were wondering whatever happened to The Bulgarian Brute.

Interestingly, Rusev went on social media last month and mentioned he would be a free agent soon according to ewrestlingnews. I attempted to find that tweet, but wasn’t able to at the time of this article. Nevertheless, the “alleged” tweet has gotten people talking, and with good reason. While the WWE has not built any serious superstars over the past couple of years, Rusev is definitely one of the biggest names. If he were to leave, he could genuinely pull many fans away to a rival brand.

Looking at it objectively, there are some strange things going on with Rusev’s profile on social media. His bio has been removed and he changed his name to Miro.

Another rumor is that Rusev is injured, although this has now officially been denied by him on social media. We do need to mention that Rusev can be a little cheeky on social media sometimes, so he can mess around on there a bit. So, the change of name and bio might not necessarily mean anything. Still, it keeps him in the news, so well done sir!

Continued Feud With Lana and Bobby Lashley?

Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley

Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that the WWE has pulled Rusev and Bobby Lashley away from the feud. It is said that the company will focus on Liv Morgan and Lana alone. That makes little sense to me, so I would take this with a serious grain of salt.

While there could be a contract dispute between the WWE and Rusev, there has been no confirmation of such a thing. These are rumors at this point at best, so we really cannot say for sure what’s going on.

Both Lana and Rusev allegedly were unhappy in the company in the past, yet neither of the two stars have actually made that official statement. As always, it was completely based on rumor. Still, when you look at Lana’s and Rusev’s social media at the moment, neither is mentioning anything about an imminent departure from the company.

I’ve loved Rusev from the moment he had his feud with John Cena. I thought his persona was larger than life, so it is sad to the see the WWE ruin it at the moment. I also think Rusev was best with Lana by his side, as it adds to his mystique, much like Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. Now, we have to wait and see what will happen to The Bulgarian Brute in the months to come.

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