Kelly Kelly’s Possible WWE Return, Latest On Samoa Joe

Kelly Kelly's Possible Return

Kelly Kelly’s Possible WWE Return

When Sasha Banks was not cleared last minute for the Royal Rumble, WWE had Kelly Kelly take the spot. It marked one of the few times Kelly Kelly has been on WWE TV since leaving, but it might not be her last.

During Jerry Lawler’s podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer talked about the former Women’s Champion future.

“I thought it was the best Women’s Rumble match that I’ve seen,” said Lawler. “It was a little bit NXT-heavy. But, I didn’t have a problem with that because every one of the NXT women shined. It wasn’t like you ever thought ‘oh this woman shouldn’t be there.’ Every one of them looked like they could win that match.”

“I got a chance to talk to Kelly before the match for a long time. She’s just doing great. And from what I understand we may be seeing more of her. She may be coming back on a semi-regular basis.”

After Kelly Kelly left WWE, she focused on outside projects such as E!’s WAGS. She would appear at RAW 25 and then was part of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble and Evolution. 

Kelly Kelly continued to stay partially active in WWE. She briefly held he 24/7 Championship at RAW Reunion and worked the most recent Rumble.

Latest On Samoa Joe

Following the suspension of Andrade, there were rumors of more Wellness Policy violators being named. As of now, nothing has come up, but Samoa Joe’s name was mentioned by several outlets.

Wrestle Votes reported that they heard rumors of more suspensions. This was followed by them posting a picture of Joe looking shocked on his phone.

Joe has been off WWE TV for a few weeks. He suffered a concussion during a tag match in the main event of RAW and has not appeared on TV since. After months away because of a thumb injury, Joe had just returned to in-ring action at the start of the year.

The timing is awful with WrestleMania 36 storylines starting to be finalized. Since joining the main roster, Joe only competed at one WrestleMania due to injuries. And when he did wrestle at WrestleMania 35, he defeated Rey Mysterio in about a minute.

In what could be a good sign, Joe has been advertised for this week’s RAW in an eight person tag team match. Although, WWE makes some of those announcements in advance and the card is always subject to change.