Is Finn Balor Heading For A Feud With NXT UK Champion Walter?

Finn Balor To Feud With NXT UK Champion Walter?

Finn Balor’s next feud may be leading him away from Johnny Gargano. In fact, this week’s episode of NXT showed that he could be dealing with NXT UK Champion Walter. Does this mean Finn will be spending time in the United Kingdom?

Imperium Attacks Finn Balor By Request Of NXT UK Champion Walter?

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A possible feud between Finn Balor and Walter has been underlined during this week’s episode of Raw. When Finn came out to talk about his future in the black and gold brand, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, both members of Imperium, attacked him. They told Balor that the current NXT UK Champion Walter sent his regards.

Finn Balor To Feud With NXT UK Champion Walter

Interestingly, Balor has been scheduled to appear during the NXT UK TV tapings for the 6th and 7th of March, which will take place in Coventry, England. There have also been rumors that he could appear at NXT TakeOver: Dublin on April the 26th. Since Balor is Irish, he would be received as a local hero.

Potential Move To NXT UK?


It is likely that the WWE is moving Finn to NXT UK temporarily to attract a bigger crowd to their upcoming event in Dublin. That being said, it is also possible that Finn is moving to the UK division permanently.

Moving to NXT UK could have some advantages for Finn, as he would be closer to home. There are also many potential feuds for him on this roster, and he would certainly attract a bigger crowd to the brand. Even though there are loads of famous indie wrestlers on NXT UK, someone like Finn could easily sell out some of the UK’s biggest venues.

NXT Feuds Not Over

Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor

While it could be a case of Balor moving to NXT UK for a bit longer, I very much doubt the feuds on NXT US are completely played out. After all, Balor beat Johnny Gargano. He took the win after a brief feud at NXT TakeOver: Portland. So, it is likely that Jonny Gargano will face Finn Balor again in the future.

Johnny Gargano has turned heel recently and is feuding again with his friend  Tommaso Ciampa. Therefore, there could be a feud ready for Balor and Adam Cole. Velveteen has returned recently as well. It remains to be seen who will be next in line for an NXT Championship opportunity.

Since there is a constant flow of new talent in NXT, there will never be a lack of people to feud with for The Prince. Still, you do have to wonder if he will ever return to the main roster. Finn is undoubtedly a big talent that was underappreciated, but does this mean his Raw or SmackDown career is gone forever?

We Look Forward To Developments In The Weeks To Come

Finn's Future

There are many plans in the works for Finn Balor. We cannot wait to see what is in store for him in the weeks to come. We are sure that his feud with Walter will be epic, and we cannot wait for it to start. In the weeks to come, we will find out where the WWE is heading with this.

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