Fan Attacks AEW’s MJF During This Week’s Dynamite Episode

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Statements made during an interview can be taken the wrong way, just ask AEW’s MJF, who was attacked by a fan. The attack was a result of something he said during an interview. While this may sound ludicrous, let’s examine what happened at this week’s episode of Dynamite.

Interview On Busted Open Radio Gets Taken The Wrong Way


MJF talked about the upcoming event of Cody Rhodes receiving lashes on Dynamite during an interview with Busted Open Radio. Unfortunately, he also made the statement that fans could jump the guardrail and come at him. One fan took this seriously and it led to the incident in question.

Interestingly, some fans believe that the incident was not real. In fact, one person pointed out that the “attacker” was wearing knee pads. Reviewing the footage, it would appear like the man in question was indeed wearing them. So, could it have been a conveniently placed wrestler to attract more publicity to AEW?

Other Fan Attack Incidents

Bret Hart

MJF is not the first wrestler to be attacked at a wrestling event, and he is unlikely to be the last. Not even famous wrestling veterans are safe, just ask Bret Hart.

During his speech at the Hall of Fame ceremony, Bret was attacked by a crazed fan. The fan jumped into the ring and tackled Hart, while Natalya tried to protect her uncle. Fortunately, security and nearby wrestlers were on the ball and jumped to his defence.

Chris Jericho is another wrestler who was attacked. Even though he is currently signed by AEW, he was signed with the WWE for the longest time. During his stint, he did an anti-Canadian promo, which saw him attacked after taping.

According to bystanders, fans were shouting abuse at Jericho as he was trying to make his way to his car. While he was quite calm with the entire situation, things hit the fan when the fan spit on him. Chris Jericho snapped shortly after that and it turned into a right scuffle.

Fans Looking For Attention

In addition to Chris Jericho, there was also a crazy incident during a ladder match between Eddie Guerrero and Rob van Dam. While Eddie was climbing up the ladder, a fan pushed the ladder over. The Latino Heat wrestler did not take kindly to it and decked him almost instantly. The man was then carried away by security. Van Dam on the other hand, could do nothing but look on at the situation and be terribly confused. The fan in question would later boast to his friends that he got punched by Eddie Guerrero.

Even someone as beloved as The Undertaker is not safe from fan attacks. One lunatic fan jumped in the ring with him. Instead of taking the Eddie and Chris approach, he calmly pushed him out of the way until security could take him off. You have to admire his restraint in this situation. In other words, some fans really take things to a whole other level.

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