Cody destroys Val Venis about Nyla Rose comments

Former WWE superstar Val Venis has made some outright nasty statements about Nyla Rose after she won the AEW Women’s Championship. One of the company’s founders, Cody Rhodes, has now spoken out about the incidents. In an interview, Cody destroys Val Venis and states he will never work for the company.

Cody Rhodes Says They Won’t Book Val Venis

Cody Rhodes destroys Val Venis

Val Venis made some nasty comments to Nyla Rose after she won the AEW Women’s Championship. The former WWE wrestler could not resist referring to the fact that Nyla was not a woman when she was born, and he did it in the nastiest way possible. He would later take to social media to defend his opinion.

While I often do not react to statements made by wrestlers, this time I had to respond. Nyla has chosen to go through life as a woman, so why should anyone question her ability to hold a women’s championship?

I’m not the only one who has come to her defense though, as Cody Rhodes had some strong words for Val Venis. In an interview with Wrestling Inc, he states that Val may be causing a stir in order to be booked at AEW. Cody also stated that there is no way the company will book him now. He also had this to say.

“I’m not giving Val Venis any oxygen when it comes to Nyla Rose. Nyla won the championship because she was the best woman at AEW and that’s just it. I think we should all just stop hitting the ball back to those people. It’s 2020 and everybody should love everybody in some capacity.”

Fan Response And Support

Nyla Rose in AEW

Since Val Venis released his statements, Nyla has obtained a huge amount of support from fans. Nyla Rose also reacted to Val’s statements on social media, but this in the funniest way possible.

Fans instantly responded with their own messages of support. Some were heartfelt, others were also a little funny. Here are some of our favorites.

Now we have the reactions out of the way, I think it is important for us to take a stance though. While you could argue freedom of speech in relation to Val’s statements, I do believe they are discriminatory and are in breach of basic human rights.

Let me tell you this, I do not like the term “transgender”, but for other reasons than you might think. I believe the term still labels men and women who have changed gender. In my opinion, if you want to go through life as a woman, you’re a woman to me. Of course, the same applies to women who want to go through life as men.

The beauty about being human is that we have a choice in how we live our lives. We have the choice to be happy, but there will always be people who try to destroy that happiness because they are deeply unhappy themselves. There will always be people like that, so we need to make sure they know it is not okay! In conclusion, shame on you Val Venis.