Booker T Reacts To Revival's Contract Turndown

Since January 2019, The Revival have continued to ask their release from the WWE. The company is keen on keeping them though, and has offered them huge amounts of money. Now, the news has come that Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson have refused another mammoth contract. And, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has responded to the news.

WWE Contract Offer Of $700,000 Each Turned Down

Booker T reacts to WWE's Revival turning down another contract

If rumor is to be believed, The Revival has turned down a contract worth a whopping $1.4 million combined. In other words, each man would have received $700,000 a year. Evidently, many people had something to say about this latest development, including Booker T.

Booker T has criticised the men for not taking the money, and I think many people agree with him. While you can understand their frustration with the tag team division, it is a contract that is hard to refuse.

 “If I can give them any advice, I’d say take the money. If they came to me and said ‘Hey Book, we’re going to give you a million dollars a year, you ain’t going to win no titles, we’ll give you TV time, we’ll give you a 15 year contract,’ I’m gonna shut the hell up.”

Signs The Revival Are Serious About Leaving The WWE

The Revival

You could argue that The Revival are simply trying to get a better deal. After all, it has been done before by Randy Orton and Kalisto, who eventually signed with the company for several more years. However, I do not believe this is the case for The Revival.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder’s unhappiness with the company has been well recorded since January last year. There are also ties between the tag team and The Young Bucks, which could mean an instant move to AEW.

The Revival has also trademarked the name of their finisher “The Shatter Machine.” Many believe they did it so they would have a post-WWE wrestling name. It is certainly unusual for wrestlers to trademark a name like this instead of the WWE, especially if they are thinking about staying.

Choose The Money Or The Principle?

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I totally understand The Revival’s point-of-view, but I still struggle to understand why they would turn down a contract as lucrative as the one they were offered. Their passion for tag team wrestling certainly shows, but at what expense.

People like you and me who need to work as hard as possible to scrape by will have trouble understanding their stance on the matter. They are crazy to refuse this, you might say. Still, we cannot forget that these wrestlers are popular and will have no problems getting another lucrative contract from AEW. They may even get more exposure as a tag team and build the legacy they want. Since they do have the choice and want to live their passion, I don’t think we can argue with that.

Since The Revival’s contract is due to run out in April, plus six weeks due to Wilder’s injury absence, the answer will come to us sooner rather than later.