WWE Superstars Marijuana Use, Noelle Foley – Concussion Symptoms

WWE Superstars Marijuana Use

WWE Superstars Marijuana Use

WWE Superstars Marijuana Use

While the Wellness Policy allows WWE to make sure their superstars are not illegally using drugs, marijuana is a bit trickery to handle. Federally speaking, marijuana is illegal in the United States. Although, a growing number of states are allowing people to use the drug.

For WWE, failing a test for marijuana results in a $2,500 fine. It has been called a “weed tax” as many use the substance. The wrestlers also use CBD, which is a product that helps treat issues like marijuana would, but there is no THC. For those unaware, THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that can cause a psychedelic effect.

Former WWE superstar Darren Young, real name Fred Rosser, spoke to Fightful and said that 90% of all WWE employees use marijuana.

“I’m sure 90% of everyone; 90% of the locker room,” said Rosser. “I was a CBD user when I was on the roster. I’ve had concussions; I’ve been rocked several times. And when you have to go from city to city three hundred miles, I just couldn’t do it.”

“So the CBD helped me out. It helped me out with my anxiety and car rides with Titus O’Neil and Sheamus and Mark Henry. But, I love those guys because those guys supported me when I came out. They made it a lot easier for me to walk into a locker room. So, yeah, I’m trying to get into the CBD world, baby.”

As laws continue to change, WWE might need to adjust their Wellness Policy. In the mean time, superstars are just going to keep paying the “weed tax.”

At least, the WWE is not suspending talent if THC appears in their system. Otherwise, if Rosser is accurate, WWE would not have enough talent for even one brand. 

Noelle Foley – Concussion Symptoms

Noelle Foley, daughter of Mick Foley, has been dealing with concussion symptoms for 5 months now. Her boyfriend, known as Frank The Clown on the the Indy scene, discussed the matter on social media and said the headaches are getting worse

For a time, Noelle did show interest in following her father’s footsteps and becoming a wrestler. That was chronicled on the WWE Network, but it seemed like Noelle was moving away from the idea.

While we might not see Noelle in the ring, and she certainly will never take bumps like her Hall of Fame father, she remains active in the business. She can frequently be spotted at WWE events, especially the major ones.

Noelle enjoys pro wrestling and it might be best if she helps the business outside of the ring. She already has over 1 million Instagram followers and seems to know a lot about how WWE operates.

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