WWE Signs Two Giant Wrestlers Trained By The Great Khali

WWE signed two wrestlers trained by the Great Khali

The Great Khali may have left the WWE years ago, but he still has a big influence on the wrestling landscape today. “Big” being the ideal description here, as the WWE has signed two massive wrestlers trained by The Great Khali. Here are the details on the new acquisitions.

The Two Wrestlers Trained By The Great Khali

Khali is very active in India, Hollywood, and Bollywood. The inventor of the Punjabi prison match has delivered, not one, but two massive wrestlers to the WWE. Their details are interesting to say the least! So, even though the Great Khali is not returning to the WWE anytime soon, we have these two new guys to look forward to in the ring.

NXT developmental has officially signed Gurvinder Singh of Jagadhriis and Sukhwinder Grewal. Gurvinder stands at 7 feet tall and is an experienced cricketer who was trained by Khali in the ring. Sukhwinder on the other hand stands at a whopping 7 foot 2 and weighs an impressive 340 lbs. Before his wrestling career, he played basketball.

In addition to Gurvinder and Sukhwinder, another Indian wrestler was offered a contract. Laxmi Kant Rajpoot has an extensive athletic background in javelin throwing and taekwondo.

All three wrestlers are officially heading to the Performance Center for further training and fine-tuning. That being said, we have no doubt that they will appear on NXT in the nearby future.

Taking Big Spots On the Main Roster?

WWE Keith Lee

There are some big guys on the NXT roster already, so it is evident that these big guys will need to make a big impact when they arrive on NXT. Fortunately, some of the big guys are primed to be moved to the main roster.

One of the most likely choices for a main roster promotion soon is Keith Lee. He really impressed during Survivor Series and in the Royal Rumble, so he is likely to be up for a promotion. Even though he just recently won the North American Championship, main roster management undoubtedly have their eyes on him.

When they finally introduce the new wrestlers on the NXT roster, I have a feeling it will be in the form of a tag team or a faction. All three new acquisitions could be a faction, or they could put the two big guys in a tag team. There are an endless amount of possibilities for them to make a big impact on the developmental brand.

Evidently, it will take a little while until we see these three men on the NXT roster. Of course, with a trainer like The Great Khali, they could be ready for NXT faster than we think.

Of course, there does need to be space on the NXT roster before they can come up, just like the main roster. As there have been no call-ups in the men’s division recently, and a slew of talent at the Performance Center waiting for their opportunity, we may have to wait just a little longer. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see what these three guys have in store for us.

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