WWE Morale On Raw Improved Dramatically Because Of Paul Heyman

WWE Morale Improved By Paul Heyman

Last year, WWE morale was at an all-time low. Many superstars were considering quitting their job and moving to another promotion. Raw was falling apart at the seams. However, one man seems to have turned things around in minimal time, Paul Heyman.

WWE Morale Better Than Ever Under Paul Heyman

WWE morale improved by Paul Heyman

When WWE morale dropped to an all-time low last year, nobody thought it could recover. However, when the company appointed Paul Heyman as the new general manager, there was a glimmer of hope. Things improved dramatically after a couple of months. Now, it seems like backstage morale has been the best it has been in years.

One of the reasons why stars have been much happier on the Raw brand can be attributed to the management being more approachable. In the past, WWE wrestlers were never listened to when they aired their grievances. Now, it seems they have found a welcome ear in the form of Heyman.

Locker Room Hierarchy

Seth Rollins

Last year, Seth Rollins found himself in an undesirable position. With Raw tanking in the ratings, management looked to him to lead the locker room and the Raw tapings. Unfortunately, things did not improve and there was a huge amount of pressure on Rollins. Eventually, the company decided to put Heyman in a leading role.

When the rosters got switched up again, it gave Rollins a little bit of reprieve. Various superstars with leading capabilities were placed on the roster, including AJ Styles and Randy Orton. So, instead of Rollins ruling the locker room alone, there were several guys to turn to instead.

The increase of leading WWE superstars on Raw and Heyman’s role have changed things for the better. But, this is not the only way in which Raw has improved.

Paul Heyman Pushes Young Superstars

Aleister Black

In addition to improving WWE morale, Paul Heyman has also done his best to push younger superstars. In previous years, the WWE mainly counted on its veterans, giving them the prime spot at all times. However, the Heyman reign is different. Not only does he use veterans properly, he also pushes a lot of younger superstars. As a consequence, we’ve been getting some wonderful matches on Raw.

One of the prime examples of Heyman’s reign has been the feud between Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy. The two have put on some spectacular matches over the past couple of weeks and we cannot wait to see more.

More than anyone else backstage, Heyman seems to understand what people want from wrestling. Raw has improved dramatically in the eyes of many wrestling fans. Some might argue it even rivals NXT at the moment. While there is still room for improvement, the difference between Raw this year and last year is very stark indeed.

So, what is in the future for Raw. If Paul Heyman continues to lead like he has been, there are only good things for the show in the future. Heyman has potentially saved the WWE, and all is good.

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