Will Kalisto Sign A New Contract With The WWE?

WWE Kalisto

Several months ago, Kalisto laid some strong hints that he intended on leaving the WWE. He did this by posting his intent on social media. But, it seems like the Luchador has changed his mind. If reports are to be believed, Kalisto will be in the WWE for some years yet.

Kalisto’s Unexpected Contract Signing


While we must mention that the news comes from Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet, and that there is no official confirmation, this news is a real surprise. Everyone expected Kalisto to leave the company. Instead, he has allegedly signed a new deal that will keep him in the WWE for several years to come.

According to Satin, the Luchador has decided to stay in the company because he believes he has more to achieve. Despite being grossly underutilised and the speculation that he might leave, Kalisto has enjoyed some success in the WWE.

During his run with World Wrestling Entertainment, he has won the United States Championship twice and the Cruiserweight Championship once. He also won the NXT Tag Team Championship alongside Sin Cara.

More Opportunities For The Luchador In The Future?

WWE Kalisto

If it is accurate that the Luchador has signed a new multi-year deal, you do have to wonder if any promises accompany the new contract? When you look at Kalisto’s opportunities over the past two years, there has been a serious lack of them. While he is quite popular among fans, he does not seem to be getting a prominent role on the main roster.

Despite the problems on the main roster, he does play a bigger role in 205 Live. He also still has his faction, the Lucha House Party. Although their main purpose has been putting other wrestlers over. While I wasn’t a fan of the name of the faction, I have enjoyed everything they bring to the table.

Also, if Kalisto has signed a new contract, it could have consequences for other wrestlers who have threatened to leave. One of them is Gran Metalik, who seemed to post similar social media messages in support of Kalisto some months ago. Could this be an indication that the faction may play a bigger role in the nearby future? Or was Kalisto’s decision a personal one? With his former tag team partner Sin Cara released recently, many questions remain.

Awaiting Official Confirmation

WWE Kalisto

At the moment, there is no official confirmation that Kalisto has signed a new contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. At the time this article was written, neither Kalisto or the WWE have made an official announcement.

If the news is accurate, an official announcement should follow very shortly. If any updates occur regarding this rumor, we will keep you informed. One thing is certain, if the Luchador has signed again, I hope he gets more opportunities in 2020. He is a real delight to watch in the ring and I’m sure there is a lot more for him to do if he is just given that opportunity. Let’s wait and see.

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