What Does The WWE Have In Mind For Mandy And Otis?

Mandy and Otis on SmackDown

We all love a feel-good story here at Ringside Intel. Fortunately, that is exactly what we are getting with the Mandy and Otis storyline. But will it get the happy ending the entire WWE Universe wants? Knowing the WWE, it could head in many different directions.

Mandy and Otis Lead To Championship Gold

Mandy and Otis

Given how the WWE have handled the situation up until now, the relationship between Mandy and Otis could lead the Golden Goddess to a title win. Almost everyone loves this storyline, so it could very well mean a first singles title for the beautiful blonde.

While Fire and Desire were originally meant to be in the tag team division, the focus seems to be very much on Mandy at the moment. So, maybe this story could have a happy ending and some Championship gold?

Mandy Betrays Otis With A New Boyfriend

Dolph Ziggler and Mandy Rose

Even though we would all love a happy ending for Mandy and Otis, there is some evidence that points to the contrary. First, Mandy Rose’s character seems to have changed overnight. She went from vain and selfish to caring about a “sweet guy.” Even her own tag team partner Sonya Deville questions why she has struck up this particular relationship with Otis.

A potential twist in this love story could be some interference from Dolph Ziggler. Some time ago, he tried to “woo” Mandy Rose. She didn’t show any interest at the time. But was that really the case?

Ziggler and Rose would be the perfect combination when you consider their heel characters. So, there is a small chance that Mandy may betray Otis by choosing Dolph Ziggler. That sentence alone is enough to make the collective heart of the WWE Universe break.

Tucker Turns Heel

Heavy Machinery: Otis and Tucker

Tucker, Otis’ tag team partner, has warned Otis about Mandy several times. The focus is also squarely on Otis at the moment, so it could mean a permanent break-up for the tag team.

It does not need to be said that I’m not a big fan of this outcome. Heavy Machinery has loads to achieve on the main roster, so a break-up would be premature and could endanger Tucker’s further career on the main roster.

LGBT Storyline

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

The WWE seems to be dying to incorporate an LGBT storyline, as they have tried to do with Lana and Liv Morgan. They could do the same on SmackDown with Mandy and Sonya, although it is not an ending that many people want either.

That being said, there is a possibility that Mandy will choose Sonya over Otis! While it would be interesting to incorporate more LGBT stories in the WWE, I don’t think this is the way to do it.

Otis Gets His Mandy

Considering the WWE’s love for drama, this is the least likely development. Having said that, it is the development the WWE Universe truly wants. Otis is hilarious and the entire story is just so sweet. Maybe it is time for happy ending? In my opinion, this is the only ending where everyone will be happy.

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