Former NXT Champion On RAW

Rumored Royal Rumble Favorite For Women’s Match

rumored royal rumble favorite

With the Royal Rumble just days away, now is a perfect time for rumors of possible winners to emerge. And we have a big one now, for the possible winner of the women’s match.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the women’s favorite appears to be Shayna Baszler.

Plenty of fans seem to concur:

The two time former NXT Women’s Champion has not been keeping a low profile since she dropped the belt last month. It seems likely WWE is keeping her off of TV and giving her a break ahead of her main roster arrival.

Based on the rumblings, it seems more and more likely that her debut will happen Sunday, and could be a big one.

Considering how the Survivor Series triple threat match went in November, it is entirely possible that the Queen of Spades looks to win the Rumble and earn a shot at RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. She clearly has some unfinished business between herself and The Man.

Should Baszler and Lynch tangle for the title, it would be another battle between WWE’s Four Horsewomen and those from MMA. Fans have long coveted an eight woman Horsewomen clash. Could 2020 be the year we finally get it?

WrestleMania 36 May Have It’s First Confirmed Celebrity

Gabriel Iglesias may have something to do in Tampa this year. The comedian is on a tour, and has announced that he is going to be in Tampa over WrestleMania weekend.

The comedian, nicknamed Fluffy, is no stranger to WWE or WrestleMania. He had previously served as a social media ambassador for WrestleMania. Most recently, Iglesias was on Steve Austin’s USA Network show late in 2019.
It will be interesting to see if he’s in any form of match activity, like say the SNL guys last year. Or (and this would be preferred), maybe they will have him show up, wave, smile and call it a day.

Possible Saudi Arabia Super Showdown Match Revealed?

We are still likely a week or two away from any hype for the next Saudi Arabia show, we do know the company heads back in February.

According to some posts on social media, the recent interactions between Kane and The Fiend will culminate in a match on that show.

However, this would  not be just any match.