Rumor Killer On Gimmick Match, Young Bucks Pick Dream Opponents

Young Bucks dream matches

The Young Bucks Reveal Their Dream Matches.

Young Bucks dream matches

And, here’s a shock: both opponents are current WWE tag teams.

In a recent radio interview, the Bucks were asked about their dream matches. The two matches they listed? One would be a six man tag match, putting themselves and Kenny Omega against all three members of New Day.

The other would be a traditional tag bout against Dash and Dawson of The Revival.

The first dream match probably won’t have a chance to happen any time soon. Both teams are under contract with their respective promotions for a while yet. We’ve seen these guys interact not too long ago via social media, thanks in part to the Up Up Down Down show. Unless something unexpectedly changes, however, that is likely as close as we get to a match for a while.

As for the other? The Revival’s contract status is murky at best. They’ve been on record as saying they wanted out. They have yet to re-sign with WWE, even though the company has made offers. Even after recent title runs, nothing has changed.

With their contracts expiring sooner than later, this is a tag match that actually could be seen sometime in 2020.

WWE Does Not Have A Mask Versus Championship Bout Planned

Here is  a bit of news that may be surprising to some fans. WWE does not currently have plans to do any big mask versus championship stipulation in the ongoing Mysterio-Andrade feud.

Over recent months, we’ve seen numerous rumors of stipulation matches where Rey Mysterio could or would lose his mask. After what went down on RAW this week (where, at the end of the bout, Mysterio had lost his), speculation picked up yet again.

Per the Wrestling Observer, however, WWE is not currently planning for such a match.

Now, it’s worth throwing out the caveat of: plans can and do change. With WWE, that change is frequent and sometimes quite rapid. And Andrade (and Rey) are a hot item right now.

My two cents, I don’t think the feud, as it is currently constituted, would benefit from or need such a stipulation. The pair has had some great matches, and there is already good chemistry between them. The mask has already been removed. The title has changed hands. Rematches are already booked.

For this moment in time, the stipulation is pointless.

Where it could make sense? If, after next week’s re-match, Rey goes in a different direction for a bit. After weeks or months away from the title, Mysterio wants another shot. Then, Andrade could say “sure, but only if you put your mask on the line”.

Either way, it may be a moot point. Until or unless WWE changes their creative plans, that is.