Jushin Thunder Liger's Retirement

Jushin Thunder Liger retired at Wrestle Kingdom 14 and the fans showed their support. Also, Edge vs. Randy Orton (or maybe a tag match) could be happening.

Reaction To Jushin Thunder Liger’s Retirement

Jushin Thunder Liger's Retirement

For 35 years, Jushin Thunder Liger has entertained fans across the globe. He has worked several major promotions such as WCW, NXT, Impact Wrestling, Ring Of Honor and NJPW. Now, the 55 year old is officially retired.

At Wrestle Kingdom 14, Liger & Naoki Sano lost to Ryu Lee & Hiromu Takahashi. Fans knew this was coming, as for the past year, Liger as been working on a retirement tour. 

The final sequences of the match saw Takahashi hit Liger with a a lariat and time bomb for the three count. As the referee counted three, the crowd fell silent. 

After the match, Lee and Takahashi stood by Liger. Takahashi told Liger, “You made the Jr. Heavyweight division in New Japan and I promise to carry on your legacy.” Lee then bowed to Liger.

Liger took the microphone and thanked the crowd. He spoke about his career and said ‘Jushin Liger’ is no more.

Wrestle Kingdom 14 truly saw the end of a decorated wrestler, who was respected around the world.  

Highlights From His Final Match, Plus Fan Reaction

Edge Vs. Randy Orton?

There has been speculation since SummerSlam that Edge is preparing for at least one final match at WrestleMania 36. Despite the WWE Hall of Famer repeatedly denying those reports, many believe the rumors are true.

Then on RAW, Randy Orton was cutting a promo about his career and he made a quick reference about Edge. This has people talking that Orton vs. Edge could be on tap for WrestleMania 36. 

We mentioned how WrestleMania 36’s card is considered a mess right now, but having the former Rated RKO teammates compete would fill a major void. Even if they teamed together, that would still get the attention of fans. Plus, it would keep Edge safe inside the squared circle. 

If Edge does return, the opponent would not matter. Fans just want to give Edge one more chance in the spotlight. He never got a real retirement bout, so this would be a chance to fill-in the missing piece of an unforgettable career.