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One of the most successful women in the indies, Taya Valkyrie, was declared as the longest reigning Knockout Champion at Impact Wrestling. However, despite her success, she may be heading to the WWE where she would join her husband John Morrison. So, is there any truth to this rumor?

From Prominent Lucha Underground Star To Dominant Impact Wrestling Knockout

Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie and her real-life husband John Morrison enjoyed great success in Lucha Underground. The pair even had a storyline wedding, which fit in with their real-life relationship and wedding at the time. However, the pair would eventually get split up professionally. Taya went to Impact Wrestling, while John Morrison returned to SmackDown rejoining his old tag team partner and real-life friend The Miz.

As John Morrison is picking up success in the WWE again, Taya has ruled at Impact Wrestling. Not only did she become the Knockout Champion, she currently has the longest reign ever! So, why would she be looking to move to the WWE?

Cageside Seats Claims Taya Will Join Her Husband John Morrison In The WWE

John Morrison and Taya Valkyrie

When you think about the fact that her husband is with the WWE, it would not be that unusual for her to make the move. If Cageside Seats is to be believed, Taya is finishing her work with Impact at the moment. According to their reports, it’s only a matter of time before the Knockout Champion moves to the WWE.

Of course, it is not just a matter of Taya’s interest of joining the WWE. It is also a matter of the company having an interest in her. That being said, she is certainly a talent the company could be interested in. Not only does she have extensive experience from her time at Lucha Underground, she has also been rewarded with a lengthy title reign at Impact Wrestling. In other words, most people already know who she is. One could argue she could head straight to the main roster. I’m sure there is a storyline that they can work her into as well.

As for the women’s division on SmackDown Live, it could certainly benefit from having some new and experienced blood. Valkyrie absolutely meets that description. In the past, she’s done everything from intergender matches to hardcore matches, so there is loads she can do on the SmackDown roster.

If Taya Is Acquired, Where Will She Go?

Taya Valkyrie

I have to be honest, the WWE would be silly not to acquire Valkyrie at this point. Ideally, they should put her with storylines alongside her husband John Morrison, but also put her in the SmackDown title picture. She should not be a manager alone, as she is too good of a wrestler. The women’s division could use another enigmatic star with experience, and Taya does have that something special.

At this point, I have no idea if the rumors are accurate or not, as there is no official confirmation whatsoever. However, part of me does hope they are accurate. I would love Taya in the WWE and she certainly deserves a bigger platform. She has paid her dues in the indies, it’s time for something bigger for her.