Hulk Hogan Scheduled To Appear At Next Saudi Arabia Event

Hulk Hogan scheduled for Saudi Arabia pay-per-view

The WWE always gets in some veterans for their Saudi Arabia pay-per-view. Hulk Hogan is one of the veterans who makes a regular appearance during these shows. It seems to be the same for the next pay-per-view, as Hulk Hogan is scheduled to appear in Saudi Arabia.

Hulk Hogan Scheduled For Super ShowDown on February 27th

Hulk Hogan Scheduled For Super ShowDown

According to PW Insider, Hulk Hogan will appear at Super ShowDown on the 27th of February. It is not his first appearance during a Saudi Arabia event either. He also made an appearance at Crown Jewel.

“WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is slated to be part of the Thursday 2/27 WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, PWInsider.com has confirmed.”

Hogan’s Role During Super ShowDown

Hulk Hogan Scheduled For Super ShowDown

The role of the Hulkster at the upcoming pay-per-view is still unclear. However, it is unlikely that that WWE veteran will be wrestling. He has not been actively  wrestling for years and mainly delivers a promo. He could be there in the same capacity as The Rock at WrestleMania. Nevertheless, it will be nice to see the him again.

More Details For Super ShowDown

Super ShowDown Rumors

Super Showdown has not been planned in great detail yet, but there are plenty of rumors going around. Aside from the Hulkster’s appearance, there is some talk that another big name will return to the stage. Apparently, this will be none other than Sting.

It has been a while since we have seen Sting in the WWE. According to rumor, Sting could play a major role during this pay-per-view. At least, this is what PW Insider claims.

“Over the last 24 hours, several sources within WWE have told PWInsider.com that there’s been a lot of talk that WWE Hall of Famer Sting will be a major part of the 2/27 Saudi Arabia event next month, possibly even returning to the ring for one more match.”

Since Elimination Chamber and Super ShowDown are close to one another, we do not believe that there will be any earth shattering developments. That being said, championships have changed hands at Saudi Arabia, only for the United States pay-per-view to have zero developments and consequences.

Less Backlash for Saudi Event

It is worth noting that the Saudi event has received less backlash from fans recently. It’s possibly because of the WWE’s reluctance to withdraw from the contract or because there was a women’s match with Lacey Evans and Natalya. However, most fans are still against the Saudi pay-per-views when they are asked about it.

I have to be honest in saying that I still have problems with the Saudi pay-per-views. It is still a giant advertisement for the current regime. Human rights have been violated for decades. However, because of the power and wealth of the established regime, nothing is being done about it. Also, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi should not be forgotten. As it stands, the regime that caused it has been left unpunished. But how long can this keep going?

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